2012 May: SHOWTIME

Performance kitchens put staff center stage   For Brixx, a southeastern-U.S.-based chain of brick-oven restaurants, having a performance kitchen was just a natural extension of the restaurant’s branding strategy. “Making the pizza in the brick oven is all part of the show,” says Eric Horsley, Brixx managing partner and lead design strategist. “Guests are fascinatedMore »

Swipe and Pay

2011 March: Swipe and Pay

5 things you need to know about taking credit cards   Pull out your wallet or pocketbook. What’s in there? Probably your driver’s license, some receipts, a few photos … and lots of plastic. But is there cash? For many Americans, the answer is no. Business owners know that cash is no longer king forMore »

2011 January: Let it Snow

2011 January: Let it Snow

When the weather outside is frightful, the pizza delivery business can be anything but delightful. Forecasts of rain, sleet, snow, hail and sub-zero temperatures can mean trouble for delivery drivers, but these weather events (when handled appropriately) can also beef up your restaurant’s bottom line. The first step in properly managing bad-weather delivery is havingMore »