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Turn Around

2012 February: Turn Around

Underperforming operations need to get SLOPPIE   If your sales are increasing, give yourself a big pat on the back. If your sales are flat, and you are barely breaking even, welcome to the new normal. If you are afraid of what the future has in stock for your store, the clock is ticking. TheMore »

Power Purchasing


Purchasing is the second leg of the profit triangle What is the first question you ask your sales rep every week? I’ll bet it isn’t weather or family related. I’d bet it goes like this: “How much is cheese this week?” I stopped asking the big question in 1989, after I was educated on aMore »

Big Dave Ostrander talks dough consistency

Pizza Industry Expert Big Dave Ostrander talks dough consistency

Q: Dave, I make my dough fresh every day. Some days it’s perfect and others it’s either too soft or too firm. Since I hand stretch, this is a big deal. What am I doing wrong? Tony S. via e-mail A: Hey Tony! Early on, I also suffered from this dough problem. Back in theMore »

Ask Big Dave: Getting up to Speed on Accounting

2013 March: Ask Big Dave

Q: My brother and I own a pizzeria and deli. We have been open almost two years and business has been OK, but not terrible. We are paying bills, payroll is covered and my brother and I are making money. I don’t think we are making profit; I feel we are making salary for theMore »

Ask Big Dave: Money back?

2012 August: Ask Big Dave

Q: I’m a young guy in the pizza biz and not really sure where to get the answer to this question. If someone walks in and orders, then pays, waits 15 minutes until the pizza is done and ready to go out the door … they then ask for a refund for no other reasonMore »

Minimize Employee Theft

Minimize Employee Theft

We are in a cash business. We have cash everywhere. In the cash drawers, delivery wallets, petty cash box, night deposit and office. I wouldn’t begin to estimate how much cash has been stolen from me. The amount would probably make me ill. I can document close to a hundred thousand dollars. It’s been saidMore »

Give Your Menu Muscle

Pizza Industry Expert Big Dave Ostrander offers more tips on selling an existing pizzeria

Your menu can’t simply be a price list. People who focus on cost don’t focus on buying. To turn your menu into a selling machine, you need to give it muscle by using it to create demand for your most profitable dishes. How? With strategic and proper placement of photos, boxes, descriptions, etc. Did youMore »