Employee Stock Ownership Plan: Keeping Your Dream Alive

2011 January: Keeping Your Dream Alive

In the midst of the bustle of running your restaurant, perhaps you sometimes pause to remember when you first opened your doors. Do you think about that future day when you’ll make your exit? Barbara Gabel and Zach Zachowski, who are self-described “think-ahead types,” began to consider their exit strategy when they reached their earlyMore »

Music Licensing: Playing Their Song

2013 February: Playing Their Song

A couple of years ago, an Urbanspoon reviewer wrote that if Oregano’s Pizza Bistro were a movie, it would win an Academy award. The reviewer added: “From the background music to the star line-up of pizzas, sandwiches and pastas, this place has it all.” Indeed, background music is to a restaurant what a soundtrack isMore »

Safe, Not Sorry

POS, system, cash register, transaction

Robbery preparedness and prevention training could save lives   One chilly November night, two employees working late at a suburban Milwaukee pizzeria decided to step out for a cigarette before cleaning up for the night. Within a split-second after opening the back door, they faced a gun barrel and three men. The trio forced theMore »

Catering Delivery

2011 January: Catering Delivery

It takes hustle and finesse to get a picture-perfect, palate-satisfying meal from your kitchen to the diner’s plate in the next room. It’s trickier still when you’re filling dozens or even hundreds of plates at an event located miles away. Such is the challenge of catering. One common misstep is allowing insufficient time for cateringMore »