2010 March: Flavorful Fare

2010 March: Flavorful Fare

Flour, eggs, oil, and salt — such simple ingredients create an assortment of pastas. Why stop there? Enhancing pasta with vegetable purées, citrus zest, herbs, spices — even wine — creates unique flavor profiles, colors and pairing possibilities, not too mention, menu interest for diners. At Mangia Ristorante & Pizzeria, Layfette, California, owner Chris FrumentiMore »

2010 January: Sweet & Intense

2010 January: Sweet & Intense

A first generation Italian-American, John Picarazzi, grew up in a traditional Italian family where he often enjoyed fresh sun-dried tomatoes. Picarazzi’s relatives brought the custom over from Italy where Italians often dried fresh tomatoes on tile roofs to preserve them throughout winter when tomatoes are out of season. The concentrated tomato flavor memory carried withMore »

‘You Say Potato’ on Pizza

2012 December: You Say Potato

As a child Sergio Vitale traveled throughout his father’s native Italy. “I remember having potato pizza in Tuscany — it stood out as a unique combination. and i loved how simple and delicious it was,” he says. Today, the chef/owner of Baltimore, Maryland-based Chazz: A Bronx original restaurant brings back those Tuscan memories by creating hisMore »

Get Baked

2013 January: Get Baked

Attention to detail — and patients — delivers superior baked pasta results Hot, hearty and comforting, baked pasta will assuage any winter blues. John Coletta, executive chef/managing partner at Quartino in Chicago, Illinois, has prepared and served many baked pasta dishes for nearly seven years. The most popular is lasagna al forno, made with bologneseMore »

Incorporate Antipasta Across the Menu

Don’t limit the antipasto concept to platters. Consider the suggestions below to stretch antipasto across the menu: • Create an antipasto salad where assorted meats, cheese and vegetables sit over mixed greens. • Offer antipasto-style subs, paninis, wraps or sandwiches built around standard platter ingredients such as salami, pepperoni and cheese or roasted artichoke hearts,More »

Choose Capocollo

Yo Pauly, capocollo, pizza, slice

Upscale Italian meat sets operators apart from competition Let’s face it: When it comes to pizza, pigs are popular. “There’s nothing better than a little pork on your pizza. It’s a great ‘go-to’ meat if you want to add a little protein,” says Walter Pisano, executive chef at Tulio Restaurant in Seattle, Washington. While pepperoniMore »

Succulent Scampi

2012 July: Succulent Scampi

Elevate menus with this easy-to-prepare add-on According to John F. Mariani’s Encyclopedia of American Food and Drink, scampi is a Venetian term that dates back to the 1920s. It refers to shrimp cooked in butter, white wine and lemon juice –– but a small lobster or prawn is preferred. Shrimp scampi first became popular afterMore »