Hit the Road: Non-owned auto insurance for delivery drivers

2013 January: Hit The Road

You’d probably never think of courting disaster by driving around uninsured. Yet, if you’re like many independent pizzeria restaurant owners, chances are you’re unwittingly placing your business in the same kind of jeopardy. How? By not carrying a non-owned auto liability policy — coverage insuring you should one of your delivery drivers have an accident,More »

Capital 4 Growth

Even for pizza restaurants with a solid track record of success, it can be extremely difficult to obtain funding for growth. Why are lenders so skittish? Considering the industry’s over-saturation and its notoriously high failure rate, their reticence is understandable. There are other deterrents as well. “Unless they own the building, restaurants typically lack collateralMore »

Al Fresco

2011 June: All Hands on Deck

Patio service requires right employees, finesse Patio dining. Some restaurant operators say their business wouldn’t be the same without it. Barbara Reeve, general manager for the Tivoli Restaurant in New Milford, Connecticut, is one of them. The three-year-old restaurant sits right on the large New Milford Green. Inside, there’s seating for 90, and the coveredMore »

2012 March: In Recovery

2012 March: In Recovery

One of the biggest concerns about receiving a bad health code score — other than rectifying the violation(s) as immediately as possible — is how this might affect patronage. Where the problems causing the infraction are negligible or the violations small in number, traffic probably won’t be unduly affected. Major and/or numerous violations, however, areMore »

Critical Issues — Financial: Debt Management

2012 January: Debt Management

Is there such a thing as good debt?   Owning a restaurant means incurring debt — it goes with the territory. But not all debt is created equal; certain kinds can move you forward, other kinds can tilt you towards disaster. What spells the difference between good debt and bad? “Debt isn’t inherently bad orMore »

2011 January: Slip and Fall

2011 January: Slip and Fall

You have to admire those hardy restaurant owners who do business in severe-weather climates — they’re kind of like the post office, nothing gets in the way of providing pizza to their hungry customers. To their brethren operating in more temperate climates, this unperturbed “it’s just business as usual” attitude in the face of belowMore »