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Science confirms mozzarella to be optimal pizza cheese


A group of scientists at New Zealand’s University of Auckland dedicated recent research to finding the perfect pizza cheese. “Quantification of Pizza Baking Properties of Different Cheeses, and Their Correlation with Cheese Functionality,” was published in the Journal of Food Science this summer. Let’s break that technical jargon down. The group studied the properties ofMore »

Quick Tips August 20, 2014


Hot Recipes for August 20, 2014   Chorizo Meatballs   Buffalo Chicken Lasagna   Caramelized Red Onion and Spinach Pizza   Chicken Parmesan                   Caprese Di Parma   Hot on Independent vs Franchisee Is an independent or franchise operation right for you?        More »

London restaurant goes card only

Pizza parlor alerts customers of stolen credit card receipts

Is this the beginning a cashless restaurant revolution? London-based Shrimpy’s, a California/Mexican street food restaurant, has gone cashless. This hip hangout only accepts cards using an app that allows patrons to even split the check, according to the London Evening Standard. Could cashless restaurants catch on in the U.S.? Split Bread, a small San FranciscoMore »

One northern Indiana pizzeria not fooled by scam

aking order over phone

A scam artist posing as a utility employee called Val’s Famous Pizza in Chesterton, Indiana, demanding immediate payment for a past-due bill or the pizzeria’s utilities would be turned off, according to the Post Tribune. Scammers are using pretty sophisticated technology to pull off their cons. This person used an app that made Val’s callerMore »

Quick Tips August 13, 2014


Industry Headlines for August 13, 2014 7 Gelato Sales Tips   The dog days of summer are upon us. If ever your customers were prone to order gelato after their meal, now is the time. But just offering the tasty treat on your menu isn’t enough. You have to do something to get your customersMore »

Diners rescued by boat as Buddy’s Pizza floods

Buddy's Pizza cleanup

Patrons at Buddy’s Pizza in Warren, Michigan, were caught by surprise when the restaurant began to flood earlier this week in the middle of dinner service. More than 125 diners and people who came in to escape the torrential rain were stranded at Buddy’s, according to the Detroit News. One account said people were standingMore »

Push for Pizza

Push for Pizza

Push for Pizza, a new food delivery service, is getting tons of buzz for its app that allows users to order a pizza with the press of a button. How does it work? Push for Pizza has partnered with other food delivery services that select one of its pizzerias at random to process the orderMore »

Quick Tips August 6, 2014


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