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Pest Control: Shut them down!

2012 August: Shut them down!

Control pests before they control your pizzeria The lower 48 states experienced one of the mildest winters on record. News services across the country have reported that the easy winter has made way for an above average bug filled summer. Dr. Zia Siddiqi, director of quality systems at Orkin, says the pest control company hasMore »

Iced Tea: Liquid Gold

LiquidGold Tea Time iced tea

Unique flavors can make iced tea a profit booster Iced tea has its place in America. It has its own holiday in America, even. While the official first day of summer happens weeks later, National Iced Tea Day fittingly kicks off the season on June 10. There are varying accounts of the origin of icedMore »

Il Pizzaiolo: Pizza Rock, Sacramento, CA

2012 May: Il Pizzaiolo: Pizza Rock

Metal flames shooting from its artistic sign in front hint at what is in store for customers who visit Pizza Rock in Sacramento, California. Once inside, a real PeterBilt semi truck crashes through a wall hovering over its bar with a DJ booth spinning loud, lively music inside the truck’s cab. Balancing the wall oppositeMore »

Il Pizzaiolo: Paesanos, Sacramento, CA

2012 May: Il Pizzaiolo: Paesanos

There is an ever-present theme that weaves its way through Sacramento, California-based Paesanos’ 16-year-old operation: evolution, revolution even. Co-owner Mark Scribner and Director of Operations Dana Scarpulla showcased its original Midtown location during a recent Pizza Today visit to talk about Paesanos’ concept and its growth. When the first Paesanos opened in the trendy MidtownMore »

2012 April: Forbidden Fruit?

Hawaiian Pizza and its variations broke the mold years ago, combining sweet, tart pineapple with savory, salty ham to create a menu favorite across the country. While pineapple has become a mainstay on many pizzerias’ toppings lists, there is a world of fruits just waiting to find their way onto your pizzas. Mango, cranberries, apples,More »

2012 March: What If…

2012 March: What If...

Catastrophe — it’s one of those words you try not to utter in the restaurant industry. But it’s hard not to think about “what if there’s a fire, someone gets hurt in my place, the delivery driver has an accident?” or the infinite number of other scenarios that could take place. That is when yourMore »

Operating a Bar: Serious Business

2012 March: Serious Business

Dram shop laws, underage drinking, over serving, altercation risk, staffing and training: operating a bar within a pizzeria can be a mess of liability. But managed effectively, a bar can enhance your pizzeria and drive traffic with not only alcohol sales but also food sales. A bar is not something an owner enters into lightly.More »

2012 March: Il Pizzaiolo: Pi Pizzeria

2012 March: Il Pizzaiolo: Pi Pizzeria

Pi Pizzeria in St. Louis, Missouri, has a story of grand proportions, yet it’s an indelible fixture in the restaurant’s history. The young, hip shop in the eclectic Delmar Loop neighborhood had only been open six months when co-owner and founder Chris Sommers delivered Pi’s signature deep dish to presidential hopeful Barack Obama during aMore »

2012 February: Hold The Meat

2012 February: Hold The Meat

While there are varying degrees of vegetarianism, let’s use the simplest terms. A vegetarian does not eat meat, fish or poultry. Veganism is where it gets a little more complicated. Vegans also abstain from meat, fish and poultry, with the addition of not consuming any animal products or by-products. They will not eat dairy, usuallyMore »



Carmel, Indiana, is one of those towns skirting a major metropolitan city that has nearly doubled in size in the past 10 years. With its population of more than 79,000 and a median yearly household income of more than $90,000, according to the U.S. Census Bureau, Carmel became a prime spot for an urban conceptMore »