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Hot 100 Independents by the numbers

We recently discovered some interesting tidbits about the pizzerias that made our Hot 100 Independents list in 2013. Check your numbers to see how you stack up in these categories: • 92 percent have a point-of-sale (POS) system. • 70 percent serve pasta. • 98 percent offer vegetarian dishes. • 80 percent serve wine. • 93 percentMore »

Commentary: New year, new look

Jeremy White

Every few years we undergo a redesign to make sure Pizza Today remains not only relevant, but on the cutting edge of magazine design. Much like when you turn over your menu seasonally to keep your kitchen staff challenged and your customers enchanted, a fresh new look does the same for us. We really wantedMore »

Slice of Hope 2013: A full recap

Industry Rallies Around SLICE OF HOPE

Slice of Hope 2013 was particularly memorable thanks not only to the bucolic New England scenery, but because of the great pizzeria support we encountered in the Northeast and nationally. In an effort to raise money for the Karen Mullen Breast cancer Foundation, the Slice of Hope cycling crew spent four days riding from Newport,More »

E-Mail Marketing Done Right

Jeremy White

So I get an e-mail the other day from a restaurant I frequent. Located just across the Ohio River from the Pizza Today office, Rocky’s Sub Pub is a southern Indiana Italian restaurant and pizzeria that has stunning views of downtown Louisville. I take my family there regularly because my two boys (ages 4 andMore »

3D Printed Pizza a Reality

We can hardly believe our eyes, but a company called Natural Machines has released a prototype called the Foodini. The 3D printer actually prints out an edible pizza. We don’t know which is more disturbing — the downright disgusting look of the printed dough or the fact that this technology is becoming a reality. WeMore »