Revention partners with mobile payment platform LevelUp

May 15, 2014 – Revention Point of Sale Solutions is pleased to announce their integration with LevelUp, a progressive mobile loyalty and payments platform that uses QR code technology to execute mobile transactions via Smartphones. The flexibility of the LevelUp mobile application allows for seamless integration with a wide range of restaurant industry concepts –fromMore »

Throwback Thursday: The supersize rage in October 1999

Mandy Detwiler

Does size matter? We pondered that question in our October 1999 issue. Around that time, fast-food chains attempted to capture their markets by increasing portion sizes. Jumbo fries, 32-ounce sodas, larger sandwiches … the move attempted to appeal to customers’ awareness of value for their money. How did this affect the pizza industry? Pizza chainsMore »

Locally owned, operated Barro’s Pizza opens two new locations

(PHOENIX, AZ) May 1, 2014 – Barro’s Pizza, recently opened a new location in Scottsdale and will open another shortly in Glendale. This will be 35 locations total for the family owned and locally operated pizza restaurant. Earlier in March, Barro’s opened its 34th location on Frank Lloyd Wright and Thompson Peak Parkway in Scottsdale.More »

Uncle Maddio’s Pizza Joint to open first location in Raleigh-Durham

(ATLANTA, GA) May 2014 – Uncle Maddio’s Pizza Joint, the original create-your-own fast casual pizza restaurant, will soon open its first location in Raleigh, North Carolina. Business partners Andrew Madans and Talie Madans are developing three new locations in the Triangle region after being introduced to the concept when visiting family in Uncle Maddio’s PizzaMore »

Take-and-bake pizza: Is it taxable?

Here in Kentucky, we used to be able to pick up a Papa Murphy’s pizza without paying taxes. The pizza was considered a grocery store item, and the company also accepted government assistance for payment. That changed a few years ago, however, with updates laws requiring our local Papa Murphy’s to start collecting taxes. ThisMore »

Throwback Thursday: Location rules in April 2001

Mandy Detwiler

Few covers drive home the importance of “location, location, location” like a serious guy staking his claim like an 1840s gold rusher. (That’s a former PT staff member. We’ve got brains and beauty!) Our cover story in April 2001 was all about choosing the right spot for your pizzeria. In my time at Pizza Today,More »

Speed vs. Accuracy: Making the case for both

Mandy Detwiler

Man, it happened AGAIN. My husband was just forced to give up half the hot peppers off his gourmet sandwich because the sub shop employees forgot them. Again. We get carryout from this large sub chain about once a week. It’s on my husband’s way home from work, and it’s pretty good. They’ve been advertisingMore »

SPIN! Pizza’s Tory Thaemert named Young Direct Marketer of the Year

KANSAS CITY, MO (April 30, 2014) – SPIN! Neapolitan Pizza Marketing Manager Tory Thaemert has been named the 2014 Young Direct Marketer of the Year. Awarded by the Kansas City Direct Marketing Association (KCDMA) to an outstanding professional under age 32, the honor recognizes Thaemert’s unwavering dedication to the principles and practices of direct marketing,More »

Persona Neapolitan Pizzeria launches ‘authentic’ franchise opportunity

SANTA BARBARA, California – The pizza industry, once dominated by delivery and take out concepts, is now in the midst of reinventing itself to fit into the fast casual mold. And while there are a number of pizzerias jumping on the fast casual trend, none is more innovative than Persona Neapolitan Pizzeria, a create-your-own, handMore »

Throwback Thursday: Chicken takes the stage in May 2011

Mandy Detwiler

In May 2011, we took a look at chicken as a pizza protein topping. But we didn’t just examine precooked chicken cubes that we sometimes find on pizza (and heaven forbid you have dark meat on your pies … we still haven’t gotten over the few we’ve had out in the field). We looked atMore »