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Il Pizzaiolo / YNOT Pizza & Italian Cuisine


Tony and Harry Disilvestro aren’t your typical beach town residents. their company, Ynot Pizza & Italian Cuisine, doesn’t cater to the hoards of tourists who fill Virginia Beach during the warm months. they don’t cater to spring breakers, and they don’t feature portraits of sandy scenery on their walls. What they do bring to theMore »

Single Diners

The dollar signs may not exactly dance before your eyes when a single diner walks into your pizzeria. You’d much rather seat the party of four who will order a bottle of wine and an appetizer. That might be your first mistake: not welcoming the solo diner warmly. Remember, you should be thankful anytime anyoneMore »

2012 August: Frequent Diners

2012 August: Frequent Diners

Here are some tips for setting up your own frequent-diner program: • Train your employees about the importance of your frequent diner program. Offer incentives to employees who sign up the most customers. Also train them to remind the customer to present any type of loyalty card during the transaction to ensure customers remember. •More »

2012 February: Your Show Is Here!

2012 February: Your Show Is Here!

When the curtain closed on International Pizza Expo last year, plans were already underway for the 2012 show –– and the turn of the calendar ushered in some changes for the annual event. International Pizza Expo 2012 will feature more operator speakers, exhibitors and competitions than ever before, and with good cause. An ailing economy,More »

2011 December: PERFECT UNION

Dallas might be known more for its Cowboys, barbecue and Southern charm than its pizza scene, but a handful of upscale operators are set on turning that around. Among them is Joseph Palladino, a restaurateur who –– with two other concepts under his belt — seems to be hitting all the right buttons with hisMore »