Throwback Thursday: TMNT give pizza the star treatment in June 1990

Mandy Detwiler

In June 1990, we did an entire feature story on how the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles brought pizza into the limelight. TMNT love their pizza. Pizza and TMNT on the cover. Yes, we did that. The characters have gotten several reboots over the years, including the live action films, a cartoon show and most recently,More »

Godfather’s Pizza accepting franchise applications in OKC, Tulsa

OMAHA, NE, December 2013 – Godfather’s Pizza has announced they are now accepting franchise applications in the Oklahoma City and Tulsa metropolitan areas.  Franchisees of the national pizza chain are backed by state-of-the-art research and development, technology, first-class marketing, training and support. Learn how you can be a part of a concept that has been respectedMore »

Throwback Thursday: Pizza expands in China in September 2001

Mandy Detwiler

In September 2001, then-Managing Editor Jeremy White (yes, he’s been here THAT long) took a look at China as an emerging market for the pizza industry. At the time, Pizza Hut was the first to enter China in 1990, bringing Western pizza to the East. (Hence, our cover by Creative Director RIck Daughtery –– yes,More »

Camaraderie still exists in this industry

Mandy Detwiler

Most of us know that competition can be fierce in this industry. Just when you think you’ve finally cornered the market and started turning a profit, in comes a sweet young thing or a chain with the ability to undercut your prices. It’s can be a dog-eat-dog world. That’s why when we saw this FacebookMore »

Weather causes headaches for pizzeria operators

Much of the news at both the local and national level is centered on Winter Storm Cleon, which is impacting everything from travel and mail service to road department teams and, yes, even pizza delivery drivers. Winter weather invites customers to stay indoors, and that may increase your phones ringing. Still, it’s imperative that yourMore »

Throwback Thursday: Veggie pizza finally shines in April 2010

Mandy Detwiler

April 2010 wasn’t a lifetime ago (however, my preteen wasn’t quite as mouthy then), but when we featured a stunning veggie pizza on the cover, artisan pizza had just begun to take center stage. Fifteen years ago, most vegetable options on pizza were limited to green pepper, onion, olives and mushrooms. Vegetarian options were grudginglyMore »

New Marco’s Pizza location will deliver movies, too

Working in conjunction with another location business fosters goodwill for both. Such is the case for a new Marco’s Pizza store in Wichita, Kansas. According to a news story in the dining section of The Wichita Eagle, the local Marco’s Pizza franchise, which is set to open next week, sits next to a Family Video.More »

Simple is better when it comes to social media

Mandy Detwiler

When I was in the 10th grade, I can remember my biology teacher giving us a rather ingenious life lesson. No, it wasn’t making sure we had the right brand of Hammer pants, perfecting the art of swooping our bangs or how to do the Running Man (all viable in 1992). It was how toMore »

Throwback Thursday: Delivery speeds up in November 2002

#TBT November 2002: Then interim editor Jeremy White took a hard look at what consumers expected from pizzerias when they ordered delivery. Thanks in part to Domino’s Pizza’s 30-minute delivery guarantee, folks simply desired the same from their local independents. Today, delivery employees don’t need to depend as much on physical maps as they doMore »

Server says she was fired for dine-and-dash customer bill

2009 March: Checking In

A New York server says she was fired for not covering a $96 tab left unpaid by three dine-and-dash customers, according to an article on Suzanne Parrat claims Pig N Whistle Manager Eugene Wilson told her that she would have to cover the tab left unpaid –– or her co-workers would have to cover itMore »