Il Pizzaiolo: Tommy’s Coal Fired Pizza, Red Bank, NJ

September 2013

Brooklyn native Tommy Bonfiglio has been an aficionado of pizza most of his life –– the former tax attorney and his wife, Yvette, actively sought out pizza on their travels around the globe. So when the couple found their nest empty but themselves too young to retire, they decided to try their hands at becomingMore »

The hottest ingredients for 2013

2013 May: THE IN CROWD

Today’s pizzeria customers are savvier than ever thanks in part to a growing trend in upscale options. Sure, pepperoni and cheese are still king in this industry, but customers looking for fresh, organic and locally grown toppings now have more choices than ever. Add in the rise of Neapolitan and artisan focuses, and the pizzaMore »

Il Pizzaiolo: Bella Monica

Bella Monica, Owners, Julie and Corbett Monica

In the literary world, the phrase “write what you know” rings true for many writers. That same principle can be applied in the restaurant industry –– and that’s what Corbett and Julie Monica have done in their 2,770-square-foot trattoria-style restaurant, Bella Monica, in Raleigh, North Carolina. Corbett, whose grandparents owned a restaurant in New Jersey,More »

2009 October: Il Pizzaiolo: Westshore Pizza

Robert “Bob” Vasaturo

If you had to classify Tampa using one phrase, the term “melting pot” would certainly be accurate. That’s because the warm climate, sand and surf are a Mecca for retirees and Spring Breakers alike. That’s what brought Philadelphia native Robert “Bob” Vasaturo and his Philly-themed pizzeria to the area 15 years ago, and it wasMore »

Going Pro

2013 March: Going Pro

Is a professional chef needed in a pizzeria’s kitchen? The performance kitchen at Cane Rosso takes center stage. Built around a wood-fired oven, the workspace is home to leading man Dino Santonicola, the Naples-born master pizzaiolo hired by owner Jay Jerrier to put his restaurant on the map. And he’s not alone –– more attentionMore »

2009 April: Il Pizzaiolo: Frankie, Johnnie & Luigi Too!

2009 April: Il Pizzaiolo: Frankie, Johnnie & Luigi Too!

Calfornia-based Frankie, Johnnie & Luigi Too! has one of those storied histories dating back to the 1950s when a Connecticut native moved West and opened a pizza parlor.642-427 He was later joined by Frank D’Ambrosio Sr. Fifty years later, D’Ambrosio’s sons, Don, Nick, John and Frank, now man the helm of Fulfillment Systems Inc., theMore »

2010 October: Il Pizzaiolo: Lui Lui

2010 October: Il Pizzaiolo: Lui Lui

It was a cold, dreary day when Pizza Today visited Nashua, New Hampshire, last spring. Outside, a torrential downpour made the streets slick and dark. But inside two-story Lui Lui, the company’s oversized wood-burning oven took center stage, making the restaurant as warm and inviting as proprietor Eric Roberts himself. Here, comfort food, smiling facesMore »