Dough Doctor: Hand vs. Pan

hand toss pizza dough

The Dough Doctor talks stuffed-crust pizza, pan rising Q: What’s the difference between hand-tossed dough versus pan-risen dough? A: This is a really interesting question that was directed at me recently. Dough that has been hand-tossed/stretched has much of the gas created during fermentation still entrapped within the dough structure. This results in a desirableMore »

More on thick-crust pizza

chicago style thick crust pizza

To make a Chicago-style pizza, you can reduce the dough absorption to 55 percent, replace 10 percent of the flour with an equal portion of corn meal, add a little yellow food coloring, cold ferment the dough for 48 hours and allow it to proof/rise for only 20 to 30 minutes. Follow this same approachMore »