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2010 February: Dough Doctor

2010 February: Dough Doctor

Q: Do you have any suggestions for making a very quick and easy dessert item? A: Here’s one that I’ve made since the late 1960’s very successfully. It’s based on the calzone concept, except it is made with a fruit filling. Use your regular pizza dough and cut it into either six- or eight-inch diameterMore »

2013 January: Dough Doctor

2013 January: Dough Doctor

Q: We are making a thick-crust pizza but it doesn’t maintain any crispiness after we put it into the box. What can we do to make a crispier pizza? A: One of the most commonly encountered causes for a thick crust pizza to lack or loose crispiness is lack of sufficient bake. Sure, you canMore »

2012 December: Dough Doctor

2012 December: Dough Doctor

Q: Can you tell me how to make a light textured pan-style pizza? A: This is getting to be a more frequent request all the time. For many operators, thin-crust pizza has been their mainstay. But now it appears that more and more customers are requesting a thicker version of their longtime favorite, leaving someMore »

Flour Protein

Flour protein is probably the most misunderstood thing about pizza making. For many of us our definition of flour is “pizza flour.” The prevailing thinking is that ‘If I’m making pizza, I need pizza flour to make it with.’ Well, not exactly. You see, pizza flour came about in the mid to late ’50s whenMore »

Prevent Bubbles in Baking

pizza crust bubbles

I hold a special place in my heart for bubbles and blisters on pizza crusts — because this was the first problem I ever worked on. To prevent them, need to concentrate on are dough temperature and fermentation time. In studies that we have conducted, we found that fresh dough exhibited the most pronounced tendencyMore »

Using Same Day Dough

Three years ago we did a study to answer this very question. We found we could use the dough on the same day, if we allowed the dough to ferment for two hours after it was mixed and formed into balls. With fermentation times of less than two hours the dough exhibited a pronounced tendencyMore »

Dough Technology

Technology is like the forces of Mother Nature –– you may or may not like it, but once it begins heading in your direction there isn’t much you can do about it. You can either embrace it or step aside and let it pass you by. Usually, embracing it is the way to go. ByMore »

Percentage To Weights Dough Formula

This is very easy to do, and all that’s needed is a simple calculator. Begin by deciding how much flour you want to use in your dough formula. Keep in mind that the weights of the ingredients will be given in the same weight units in which you have expressed your flour weight. For example,More »

Working With Lower Protein Content Flour

Q: Our regular high gluten flour has gone through the roof cost wise. I’ve got an opportunity to buy some lower protein content flour at a much cheaper price. What do I need to do to allow me to use this lower protein flour? A: I’ve been asked this question numerous times, and my stockMore »