Herbed dough requires additional experimentation

2009 January: Dough Doctor

Herb infused doughs or crusts are one of those things that seems to keep coming and going. It gets popular for a short time — and then it disappears, only to come back again after a few years. For some of us, though, it has found a home on our menu boards as a variationMore »

Dough Doctor: Advantages to using baker’s precentage

2013 February: Dough Doctor

Q: What are the advantages to showing a dough recipe/formula in baker’s percent? A: The advantages are that it allows you to determine, at a glance, if the dough is in correct balance. It also allows you to manipulate the size of a dough recipe with 100-percent certainty that all of the ingredients are usedMore »

2010 March: Dough Doctor

2010 March: Dough Doctor

Q: Can I get a different crust flavor by using brewer’s yeast instead of my regular yeast? A: The main difference between baker’s yeast and brewer’s yeast is tolerance to alcohol content. Brewer’s yeast has a slightly greater tolerance to alcohol than baker’s yeast, so it will produce about 1 percent more alcohol. This isMore »