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Dessert Pizza Dough

How do I make a sweet tasting dough for a dessert pizza? You can modify your regular pizza dough for use in making a dessert pizza with the following changes: _    Replace the olive oil or vegetable oil in the formula with butter, or table grade margarine, at a level of 8 percent of theMore »

Deep-Dish Pizza Dough

I’m a newcomer to the pizza business. I’ve been experimenting making a deep-dish pizza in addition to my regular thin crust pizza. The thin crust pizza comes out really well, but the deep-dish pizza is always too tough and chewy. What’s going on? The term “pizza flour” became synonymous with a strong, high protein flourMore »

Bread sticks Dough

I am a firm believer of keeping things as simple as possible. For this reason, I like to use my regular pizza dough for making breadsticks whenever possible. You can divide your pizza dough into small, 2-4 ounce pieces, form them into balls, and allow them to rest on a bench top for about 10More »

Dough for Grilled Pizza

I want to try my hand at grilled pizzas. I know the dough has to be extremely cracker-thin to do so, but I don’t know how to get my dough that thin without tearing it. To achieve a very thin dough characteristic, without the dough tearing during shaping, start off with a high-protein pizza flour.More »

2012 August: Fryer Performance

2012 August: Fryer Performance

To get the best possible performance out of your fryer, follow these guidelines: • Use clean oil at all times. • Bring oil to the proper temperature (350 F). If the temperature is too low the food will absorb too much oil. If it’s too high, you’ll burn your product too easily. • Food shouldMore »

2012 August: Sangria Time

2012 August: Sangria Time

Summertime is the perfect season to introduce Sangria onto your beverage menu. Go Spanish style and offer Happy Hour specials with Sangria and a small plate menu. Try this simple Sangria recipe: To start, Ingredients 1 bottle Cabernet Sauvignon 4 ounces rum 2 ounces lime juice 1/2 cup white sugar To view the entire recipe,More »

Think Thin

2012 August: Think Thin

Tips for making the perfect thin-crust pizza Thin crust pizza is like the proverbial opinion — everyone has one, and theirs is the best. If you believe that your thin crust pizza is absolutely the best there is, take this opportunity to do something constructive like walk the dog, or empty your trash. Otherwise hangMore »

2012 August: STAND OUT

2012 August: STAND OUT

Q: We are planning to open our first store soon and we want to do something that will help to set us apart from the local competition. A: There are a number of things that you can do to set yourself apart from the other pizzerias in your area, here are a few of them:More »

2012 August: Tart and Sweet

2012 August: Tart and Sweet

Balsamic vin­egar became the vinegar of choice for the gourmet cook in the United States in the early 1980s. Nevermind the fact that this marvelous vinegar has been around since 1046. According to Waverly Root (The Food of Italy), it was in 1046 that Bonifacio di Canossa presented a barrel of it to the EmperorMore »

Choose Capocollo

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Upscale Italian meat sets operators apart from competition Let’s face it: When it comes to pizza, pigs are popular. “There’s nothing better than a little pork on your pizza. It’s a great ‘go-to’ meat if you want to add a little protein,” says Walter Pisano, executive chef at Tulio Restaurant in Seattle, Washington. While pepperoniMore »