2012 March: Walls Speak

2012 March: Walls Speak

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then what hangs on an operator’s walls says a lot. Whether it is comprised of pictures, artwork, awards, sports memorabilia or a little bit of everything, a restaurant’s wall décor speaks volumes to customers. An elegant piece of art reveals a restaurant’s style; framed sports memorabilia representsMore »

Bruschetta Basics

2012 March: Bruschetta Basics

Bruschetta (broo-SKEH-tah) has emerged as a very popular appetizer (running a close second to fried calamari). In the Italian repertoire of appetizers, offering bruschetta makes a lot of sense. It’s easy to prepare, it holds well (meaning it can be prepped well ahead) and it can be offered at an attractive price. The food costsMore »

Uptown Ingredients, Downtown Flavor

2012 March: Uptown Ingredients,Downtown Flavor

Upscale meat toppings add wow favor   In the beginning — quite a while back, in fact –– it was pepperoni and sausage. Those were the two toppings most requested by patrons of modest, family-owned pizzerias and chain-operated pizza places as well. Here we are some 100 years later and guess what? Sausage and pepperoniMore »

2012 March: In Recovery

2012 March: In Recovery

One of the biggest concerns about receiving a bad health code score — other than rectifying the violation(s) as immediately as possible — is how this might affect patronage. Where the problems causing the infraction are negligible or the violations small in number, traffic probably won’t be unduly affected. Major and/or numerous violations, however, areMore »

Operating a Bar: Serious Business

2012 March: Serious Business

Dram shop laws, underage drinking, over serving, altercation risk, staffing and training: operating a bar within a pizzeria can be a mess of liability. But managed effectively, a bar can enhance your pizzeria and drive traffic with not only alcohol sales but also food sales. A bar is not something an owner enters into lightly.More »

So Sweet!

Amaretti Cookies

Creative desserts boost check averages   Gaining a competitive edge in today’s crowded market is more crucial than ever. Diners expect the moon and the stars — preferably locally sourced, homemade and at a great price. Desserts offer a great way to distinguish an independent from the chain restaurant down the street — or fromMore »

2012 March: What If…

2012 March: What If...

Catastrophe — it’s one of those words you try not to utter in the restaurant industry. But it’s hard not to think about “what if there’s a fire, someone gets hurt in my place, the delivery driver has an accident?” or the infinite number of other scenarios that could take place. That is when yourMore »

2012 March: Recipes

2012 March: Recipes

Amaretti Cookies    Yield: 3 dozen cookies 2¼ cups blanched whole almonds, plus more for garnishing 2/3 cup granulated sugar, divided 2 large egg whites, at room temperature ¼ teaspoon sea salt ½ teaspoon pure almond extract ¼ teaspoon pure vanilla extract 15 glazed cherries or other fruit Lightly oil two large baking sheets; lineMore »

Marketing: Return On Investment

2012 March: Return On Investment

It’s all about ROI and how to maximize it   There are a variety of gauges a business can use to measure the success of its marketing. But to really measure you must first know your goal. Was it money in the bank, build a database, find a new customer or create TOMA? All areMore »