2012 February: Your Show Is Here!

2012 February: Your Show Is Here!

When the curtain closed on International Pizza Expo last year, plans were already underway for the 2012 show –– and the turn of the calendar ushered in some changes for the annual event. International Pizza Expo 2012 will feature more operator speakers, exhibitors and competitions than ever before, and with good cause. An ailing economy,More »

Turn Around

2012 February: Turn Around

Underperforming operations need to get SLOPPIE   If your sales are increasing, give yourself a big pat on the back. If your sales are flat, and you are barely breaking even, welcome to the new normal. If you are afraid of what the future has in stock for your store, the clock is ticking. TheMore »

Who Needs Groupon?

2012 February: Who Needs Groupon?

Consider do-it-yourself alternatives to daily deals sites   Last year, San Francisco Bay-area chain Patxi’s Chicago Pizza pulled off one of the most popular Groupon deals ever, selling nearly 7,000 “$20 of food for $10” coupons. But despite the promotion’s overwhelming success, Patxi’s isn’t sold on daily deals sites. “I don’t think we’ll ever doMore »

Il Pizzaiolo: Dante Pizzeria, Omaha, NE

2012 February: Il Pizzaiolo: Dante Pizzeria

Nick Strawhecker made plenty of stops on his way back home to Omaha, where he opened the city’s first certified Neapolitan pizzeria in 2008. Born in Nebraska, Strawhecker moved around a lot beginning in his teens, when his family relocated to England for three years. During that time, and since, Strawhecker traveled extensively throughout Europe.More »

The Dough Doctor takes a look at modern mixers

2012 January: Dough Doctor

Q: Our mixer finally crashed and we got a 40-quart vertical cutter mixer (VCM) to replace it. How does this mixer compare against our old 80-quart mixer? A: The first thing to know about the VCM is that it has a much higher mixing speed. The two-speed models mix at 1750 RPM at low speed andMore »

Critical Issues — Financial: Dollars & Sense

2012 January: Dollars & Sense

Why it’s important to understand your EBITDA   When you run a restaurant, it’s easy to concentrate on the urgent. The bathrooms need cleaning, you’re almost out of mozzarella, you’ve got a full dining room, and your prep cook didn’t show. And it all needs to be taken care of … right now. You knowMore »

The Price of a Remodel

2012 January: Remodeling By The Numbers

Investing in updated look can breathe new life into restaurant At a time when budgets are tight, investing in a remodel or upgrade may seem like a risky plan. Operators have to wonder if updating the look or equipment in their restaurant will bring in more customers. How big of a remodel is necessary? WhenMore »

Curb Appeal

2012 January: Curb Appeal

Pick-up windows add appeal for on-the-go customers   What’s better on a cold night than a hot pizza that you didn’t have to leave the warmth of your car to pick up? Even on a summer day when it’s sizzling outside, not having to leave the cool of an air conditioned car to pick upMore »

Critical Issues — Financial: Examining your Profit and Loss

2012 January: Profit & Loss

P&L Report gives insight into health of business   At Proto’s Pizzeria Napoletana, the Profit and Loss report is more than a lengthy chart with boring numbers. The P&L is an important topic in quarterly meetings with general managers. Pam Proto, founder of the six-location company, says she and the managers use the P&L, whichMore »

Man on the Street: “When in Rome”

2012 January: Man on the Street

There’s no such thing as Italian pizza. Allow me to clarify: there is no single Italian style of pizza. That would be like saying there’s only one style in the United States. Instead, there’s a patchwork of variations based on different regional histories and ingredient availability. We’re already familiar with Neapolitan pizza, but New YorkMore »