Il Pizzaiolo: Pizza Rock, Sacramento, CA

2012 May: Il Pizzaiolo: Pizza Rock

Metal flames shooting from its artistic sign in front hint at what is in store for customers who visit Pizza Rock in Sacramento, California. Once inside, a real PeterBilt semi truck crashes through a wall hovering over its bar with a DJ booth spinning loud, lively music inside the truck’s cab. Balancing the wall oppositeMore »

Il Pizzaiolo: Paesanos, Sacramento, CA

2012 May: Il Pizzaiolo: Paesanos

There is an ever-present theme that weaves its way through Sacramento, California-based Paesanos’ 16-year-old operation: evolution, revolution even. Co-owner Mark Scribner and Director of Operations Dana Scarpulla showcased its original Midtown location during a recent Pizza Today visit to talk about Paesanos’ concept and its growth. When the first Paesanos opened in the trendy MidtownMore »

Hispanic Customers: The Untapped Market


When Sylvia Melendez Klinger had family visit her in Chicago from Mexico, she ordered pizza for the kids. “It’s the universal food, no matter where you’re from everyone knows it.” But she took note of one major difference. Her Mexican nephews would only eat their slices when dipped in ranch dressing. “It reminded me thatMore »

Critical Issues: Warning Signs

Blending Cheese

Sometimes, despite the most well thought out business plan, access to capital and a good product, restaurants fail. When this happens, any number of factors — in fact, it’s most often a combination of many — can be to blame. From poor marketing to nonexistent customer service to a lousy location, a few missteps todayMore »

2012 April: Did You Know?/Places That Rock

2012 April: Did You Know?/Places That Rock

Beer sales in U.S. restaurants rose by 9 percent last year. According to American Heritage, the number of American pizza parlors grew from 500 in 1934 to 20,000 in 1956. Last month’s International Pizza Expo in Las Vegas concluded with a $20,000 giveaway to one lucky attendee. /// Places That Rock // Green Zone PizzaMore »

Safe, Not Sorry

POS, system, cash register, transaction

Robbery preparedness and prevention training could save lives   One chilly November night, two employees working late at a suburban Milwaukee pizzeria decided to step out for a cigarette before cleaning up for the night. Within a split-second after opening the back door, they faced a gun barrel and three men. The trio forced theMore »

2012 March: In Recovery

2012 March: In Recovery

One of the biggest concerns about receiving a bad health code score — other than rectifying the violation(s) as immediately as possible — is how this might affect patronage. Where the problems causing the infraction are negligible or the violations small in number, traffic probably won’t be unduly affected. Major and/or numerous violations, however, areMore »

2012 March: Il Pizzaiolo: Pi Pizzeria

2012 March: Il Pizzaiolo: Pi Pizzeria

Pi Pizzeria in St. Louis, Missouri, has a story of grand proportions, yet it’s an indelible fixture in the restaurant’s history. The young, hip shop in the eclectic Delmar Loop neighborhood had only been open six months when co-owner and founder Chris Sommers delivered Pi’s signature deep dish to presidential hopeful Barack Obama during aMore »

2012 March: Did You Know?/Places That Rock

///Places That Rock // McKinners Pizza Bar / Mustang Pizza & Subs / The Village Pizzeria McKinners Pizza Bar 2389 W. Main Street Littleton, Colorado 80120 (303) 798-8500 www.mckinners.com With Denver’s light rail system making a stop right in the heart of downtown Littleton, McKinners Pizza Bar has become a regional favorite for Denver-area pizzaMore »