Who Needs Groupon?

2012 February: Who Needs Groupon?

Consider do-it-yourself alternatives to daily deals sites   Last year, San Francisco Bay-area chain Patxi’s Chicago Pizza pulled off one of the most popular Groupon deals ever, selling nearly 7,000 “$20 of food for $10” coupons. But despite the promotion’s overwhelming success, Patxi’s isn’t sold on daily deals sites. “I don’t think we’ll ever doMore »

Optimizing Partnerships

2012 February: Optimizing Partnerships

Communication, defined roles critical to a successful partnership in the pizzeria world   Bob Wilson and Kevin Hershock’s relationship spans some 30 years. Each calls the other a dear friend. The two talk regularly, sharing laughs, life’s turns, and Detroit Lions season tickets. For the last 10 years, the two have also shared something else:More »

2012 February: Your Show Is Here!

2012 February: Your Show Is Here!

When the curtain closed on International Pizza Expo last year, plans were already underway for the 2012 show –– and the turn of the calendar ushered in some changes for the annual event. International Pizza Expo 2012 will feature more operator speakers, exhibitors and competitions than ever before, and with good cause. An ailing economy,More »

Il Pizzaiolo: Dante Pizzeria, Omaha, NE

2012 February: Il Pizzaiolo: Dante Pizzeria

Nick Strawhecker made plenty of stops on his way back home to Omaha, where he opened the city’s first certified Neapolitan pizzeria in 2008. Born in Nebraska, Strawhecker moved around a lot beginning in his teens, when his family relocated to England for three years. During that time, and since, Strawhecker traveled extensively throughout Europe.More »

Il Pizzaiolo: Mangia Italiana, Omaha, NE

2012 February: Il Pizzaiolo: Mangia Italiana

When Tony and Dana Constantino were looking to increase family cash flow so their kids could attend top-flight schools in Omaha in 2003, they did what any reasonable person would do in that situation: they started a food truck business. All joking aside, the Constantinos either didn’t know or didn’t care that food truck operationsMore »

Critical Issues — Financial: Capital Gains

2012 January: Capital Gains

Though banks continue guarding their money, accessing capital remains a challenge — though viable — endeavor for prepared operators   Anytime Joe Fugere needed a business loan, he simply went to the local branch of his major bank. Now the owner of four Tutta Bella Neapolitan Pizzeria locations in Seattle, Fugere notched his first loanMore »

Critical Issues — Financial: Debt Management

2012 January: Debt Management

Is there such a thing as good debt?   Owning a restaurant means incurring debt — it goes with the territory. But not all debt is created equal; certain kinds can move you forward, other kinds can tilt you towards disaster. What spells the difference between good debt and bad? “Debt isn’t inherently bad orMore »

Critical Issues — Financial: Dollars & Sense

2012 January: Dollars & Sense

Why it’s important to understand your EBITDA   When you run a restaurant, it’s easy to concentrate on the urgent. The bathrooms need cleaning, you’re almost out of mozzarella, you’ve got a full dining room, and your prep cook didn’t show. And it all needs to be taken care of … right now. You knowMore »

IL Pizzaiolo: Cane Rosso, Dallas, TX

Cane Rosso, Dallas, TX

Dallas-based Cane Rosso on track for serious success We first met Jay Jerrier in 2008 at Campania Pizza, where he served as an investing partner in our 2008 Independent Pizzeria of the Year. Fast-forward four years and it’s not Campania Pizza where we find Jerrier. Instead, it’s at Cane Rosso, which he now owns andMore »

Critical Issues — Financial: Examining your Profit and Loss

2012 January: Profit & Loss

P&L Report gives insight into health of business   At Proto’s Pizzeria Napoletana, the Profit and Loss report is more than a lengthy chart with boring numbers. The P&L is an important topic in quarterly meetings with general managers. Pam Proto, founder of the six-location company, says she and the managers use the P&L, whichMore »