In The Kitchen

2012 May: SHOWTIME

2012 May: SHOWTIME

For Brixx, a southeastern-U.S.-based chain of brick-oven restaurants, having a performance kitchen was just a natural extension of the restaurant’s branding strategy. “Making the pizza in the brick oven is all part of the show,” says Eric Horsley, Brixx managing partner and lead design strategist. “Guests are fascinated by the inner workings, and it’s justMore »

The Dough Doctor examines ovens’ effects on dough

2012 May: Dough Doctor

An interesting question came across my desk asking how the physical attributes of an artisan pizza would be affected by baking the same pizza in different types of ovens. Let’s take a look and see how a New York-style thin-crust pizza might vary when baked in the different types of ovens. Since this is aMore »

2012 May: Big Splash

2012 May: Big Splash

If you sell pizza, you’re a craftsman. Just as a painter, writer, architect or designer creates so, too, do you. It is your craftsmanship –– the long hours of perfecting your recipes so that your artisan pizza comes out of the oven perfect –– on which you have built a reputation and a business. AndMore »

2012 May: Garden Fresh

2012 May: Garden Fresh

Artisan pizza is booming right now thanks to an influx of upscale ingredients that are more readily available than ever before. One of the latest trends which I believe is here to stay is to “buy local” in areas that we can, especially when it comes to local farming. The community –– your customer baseMore »

2012 May: Beyond Red

2012 May: Beyond Red pasta with Gorgonzola Cream sauce

At the dawn of the pizza age, tomato sauce –– or crushed plum tomatoes –– was what a customer would expect to find on the pie that was put before them. Over time, though, it was simply a matter of trying out new ideas. The fact remains that red sauce and tomatoes are never goingMore »

2012 April: Safe, Not Sorry

One chilly November night, two employees working late at a suburban Milwaukee pizzeria decided to step out for a cigarette before cleaning up for the night. Within a split-second after opening the back door, they faced a gun barrel and three men. The trio forced the employees back inside, where the gunman pistol-whipped one employee.More »

2012 April: Raid The Pantry

It’s certainly important to consider and sample new items to incorporate into our menu to keep our customer base excited and interested. Although I do think it’s critical to periodically introduce new dishes, it’s not always necessary to bring in new ingredients. All too often we overlook the obvious –– existing inventory we already have.More »

2012 April: Forbidden Fruit?

Hawaiian Pizza and its variations broke the mold years ago, combining sweet, tart pineapple with savory, salty ham to create a menu favorite across the country. While pineapple has become a mainstay on many pizzerias’ toppings lists, there is a world of fruits just waiting to find their way onto your pizzas. Mango, cranberries, apples,More »