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Caffe Society: Pizza Topping Trends

Pizza has been a staple of American cuisine since the late 19th century, though bread topped with spices and cheese dates back to the Roman Empire. Rather than falling by the wayside as food trends develop, pizza offers an almost infinite number and variety of toppings, making it one of the most versatile and evergreenMore »

Canadian Pizza Magazine: The Future of Paying Bills

Imagine sitting down at your favourite restaurant and browsing the menu on a tablet, which you then use to make your menu selections and pay your bill, all with the swipe of your finger. This is very possibly the future of the restaurant experience. Banks, debit and credit card companies and mobile marketing firms areMore »

Canadian Pizza Magazine: Too good to be true?

By definition, extra-virgin olive oil is the product of crushed green olives, and is not refined by heat, by chemical solvents or in any other way. Many chefs are confident in what the label reads when it comes to purchasing food and ingredients. Extra virgin olive oil and mozzarella cheese are two products that areMore »

Caffe Society: Pizza oven equipment guide

Many fine-dining pizzerias have their pizza oven on display as an advertisement of their pizza`s great taste and authenticity. Using your own pizza oven might well be the key to making the pizza you love and crave at home. Several different kinds of pizza ovens exist on the market today. Each type comes with itsMore »

Caffe Society: Matching pizza and coffee

You are probably familiar with the concept of pairing wine with food items; for example, there is white wine with fish and red wine with everything else. Now, the coffee experts say that there is no reason we shouldn`t take the same approach with coffee. A great pairing makes both the coffee and the foodMore »