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In House ATM

Recently, I had a conversation with a small business owner who had purchased an ATM to put in his store. Though he hadn’t had the machine long, his early results were glowing. “The thing’s a cash cow,” he quipped. “I’ve got four grand in it, but it won’t take me long to get all thatMore »

Sales Percentage for Rent

I’m not sure what I should expect to pay for rent. What percentage of my sales should rent account for? You really can’t know what your sales will be projected at until you find an appropriate space that is suitable for your concept. When you find the best spot for yourself, then you need to determineMore »

Puchasing Used Equipment

Have you ever purchased used equipment? Was your experience positive or negative? Yes, I’ve purchased used equipment. There are times that it works out well and times it doesn’t. Regardless of the used equipment you are considering, do your best to have your own independent contractor to look at it thoroughly, just as you would take aMore »

Driving Compensation

How do you compensate your delivery drivers? I paid my drivers regular minimum wage, plus they earned their tips. I also paid them a 50 cent commission for each delivery. I recently started charging customers a one dollar delivery charge, which deferred the cost of the driver’s commission. Now keep in mind, paying the driverMore »

Behind Counter Beverage Station

I’m setting up the layout of my second location and thinking about not offering free refills on soft drinks. I may put the fountain behind the counter. What’s your opinion? If you expect to be a busy operation, then you would need an extra employee just to pour drinks. That’s a waste of labor toMore »

Training for First Store Opening

I’m getting ready to open our first store next month. Do we have to have extensive training or can we just get by with a day and work out the kinks in our first couple of weeks? The single biggest mistake independent operators make, in my opinion, is that they don’t realize that properly training theMore »

Changing Open Hours

I am thinking of trimming my operating hours for the summer because sales seem to slow down. I’ll increase them again in the fall. Does this sound like a smart idea? Actually, the one thing I notice from experience, is that when you close for a certain day or close early on particular days duringMore »


My manager’s paycheck and my driver’s tips last week both were more than I took home as the pizzeria’s owner. I logged as many hours as both of them, but I don’t have a steady income (sometimes I don’t even make minimum wage). Sound familiar? Many operators relate to this scenario. Why? One forgotten factorMore »

Pull Pork Pizza

Expert Advice and Opinions Pulled to Perfection Pulled pork is a Southern staple; why not make it a pizza staple? By Jeremy White, Editor in Chief Ever since the first BBQ Chicken pizza hit the scene in the 1980’s, consumers have gone stir crazy over it. Since then barbecue sauce has gone from an oddityMore »

Main Event Planning

Three big pizza-consuming days are about to roll around. New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day and Super Bowl Sunday each present opportunities for pizzeria operators across the country. Don’t let them go unnoticed in your community. And don’t let your competitor down the street or the large chains with national advertising budgets reap all theMore »