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Food Booths

Have you ever participated in local festivals by setting up a food booth? Is it worth the trouble and expense? Do you actually make a profit, or is it just more to get your name out there in the community? I participate in those as often as I can. There are definitely a couple thatMore »

Complancency in Non-Pizza Items

Recently, I was visiting a pizzeria and discussing its menu with the owner. He does a New York-style hand tossed pizza, and he does it well. It’s the workhorse of his menu and he’s very proud of it. When the conversation turned to his appetizer list, he became dismissive. Though he recognizes appetizer sales areMore »

Meal Portion Sizes

How do you determine portion sizes? How much difference should there bebetween lunch and dinner portions? Well, first you need to determine what food cost percentage you want to run. Then you’ve got to cost out your raw product by the ounce. Make sure you include the cost of everything that comes with it such as complimentaryMore »

Create Consistency

We all strive for consistency. In sports, you’ll hear players and coaches say all they ask from officials is that they be consistent. The word choice is interesting. They don’t demand accuracy, they demand consistency. In baseball, for example, managers often don’t care if a pitch on the outside corner is called a ball insteadMore »

Portion Control vs Freehand

What are the advantages of portion control, or is it best to freehand? The biggest advantage of portion control is definitely food cost control. This is an area that many foodservice workers miss out on. Over-portioning can account for a large part of high food costs second to food waste. You obviously want to start with portionMore »

Sunday Closures

Sunday sales have been fluctuating recently and tapering off. I’m thinking of closing Sundays for a while and may revisit opening back up at a later date. Does that sound reasonable? I think businesses that keep changing their hours are just shooting themselves in the foot. Once you close on any given day, your customers and theMore »

Employee Management

Expert Advice and Opinions Have Fun By Jeremy White, Editor in Chief For one reason or another, I quite often find myself in a local mall, bored to tears, while my wife just has to “pick up one thing really quickly.” Normally, I pass the time people watching. It’s quite entertaining, really, spying as aMore »

In House ATM

Recently, I had a conversation with a small business owner who had purchased an ATM to put in his store. Though he hadn’t had the machine long, his early results were glowing. “The thing’s a cash cow,” he quipped. “I’ve got four grand in it, but it won’t take me long to get all thatMore »

Sales Percentage for Rent

I’m not sure what I should expect to pay for rent. What percentage of my sales should rent account for? You really can’t know what your sales will be projected at until you find an appropriate space that is suitable for your concept. When you find the best spot for yourself, then you need to determineMore »

Puchasing Used Equipment

Have you ever purchased used equipment? Was your experience positive or negative? Yes, I’ve purchased used equipment. There are times that it works out well and times it doesn’t. Regardless of the used equipment you are considering, do your best to have your own independent contractor to look at it thoroughly, just as you would take aMore »