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In House ATM

Recently, I had a conversation with a small business owner who had purchased an ATM to put in his store. Though he hadn’t had the machine long, his early results were glowing. “The thing’s a cash cow,” he quipped. “I’ve got four grand in it, but it won’t take me long to get all thatMore »

Pull Pork Pizza

Expert Advice and Opinions Pulled to Perfection Pulled pork is a Southern staple; why not make it a pizza staple? By Jeremy White, Editor in Chief Ever since the first BBQ Chicken pizza hit the scene in the 1980’s, consumers have gone stir crazy over it. Since then barbecue sauce has gone from an oddityMore »

Consistent Pizza

We all strive for consistency. In sports, you’ll hear players and coaches say all they ask from officials is that they be consistent. The word choice is interesting. They don’t demand accuracy, they demand consistency. In baseball, for example, managers often don’t care if a pitch on the outside corner is called a ball insteadMore »

Training for First Store Opening

I’m getting ready to open our first store next month. Do we have to have extensive training or can we just get by with a day and work out the kinks in our first couple of weeks? The single biggest mistake independent operators make, in my opinion, is that they don’t realize that properly training theMore »

Assess Strength Weakness

I’m sure you’re familiar with the phrase, “Luck favors the well prepared.” I believe pretty strongly in that. Sure, there is such a thing as dumb luck. But, for the most part, you can make your own luck — i.e. success — through hard work, self-discipline, organization and ambition. This is true in just aboutMore »

West Coast Chop Salad

It’s February, traditionally one of the coldest months of the year in much of the United States, and many of your customers are thinking about hot meals and soups. Your minestrone’s probably moving as well as ever. Funny thing, though: your salads are still selling well, too, aren’t they? Without question, salad has moved fromMore »

Capitalize on March Madness

Every March, you can count on two things: hordes of college students flocking to the beach for Spring Break and sports fans tuning in to the college basketball playoffs. March Madness has gotten so big that even those who aren’t inclined to follow sports participate in the requisite office pool. Case in point: the PizzaMore »

Prep Back to School Rush

The next two months usually are welcome periods for pizzeria operators, particularly those located next to high school and college campuses. As kids return to school in August and September, business invariably picks up. The Memorial Day to Labor Day lull is a great time to tinker with the menu and try new marketing promotionsMore »

Food Booths

Have you ever participated in local festivals by setting up a food booth? Is it worth the trouble and expense? Do you actually make a profit, or is it just more to get your name out there in the community? I participate in those as often as I can. There are definitely a couple thatMore »

Complancency in Non-Pizza Items

Recently, I was visiting a pizzeria and discussing its menu with the owner. He does a New York-style hand tossed pizza, and he does it well. It’s the workhorse of his menu and he’s very proud of it. When the conversation turned to his appetizer list, he became dismissive. Though he recognizes appetizer sales areMore »