Triple Stack Conveyor XLT Ovens For Sale

These Triple Stack Conveyor ovens were in use at a million dollar a year pizza place, rarely was a third oven turned on. The only time the third oven was running, was when a 40 or more pizza order was being fulfilled during a peak dinning hour. Go to the manufacturers website (, retail is $29,476.88, FOB Wichita, Kansas. The ovens were originally purchased to fit in the small footprint available at the location. The pizza place moved (tripled in size), where more space was available, and replaced the ovens with a triple XLT, 3255. The triple 3240 ovens for sale, as with all XLT ovens, have motors, controls, belts, knobs and the like that are fully non priority. That means if you need a part, your Tech can go to Grainger Supply, buy it, and fix the oven! That said, I’ve only replaced one part, on one oven, a $75.00 controller for the gas, in the six years they were in service (oh yes, also one gas blower motor). The company gives a 5 year parts and labor on all their new ovens. Says a lot for the ovens, doesn’t it!
$ 19,900.00 FOB Del Rio, Texas
Serial #’s NEXDFHI-5626,#-5624 and #-5622

Skip Baker
830 719-0154


restaurant or equipment for sale

I was helping a guy start up a restaurant in a northern suburb of Houston, Texas and he ended up being under-financed and not able to open the doors. I have a restaurant full of equipment and you could either A)open the restaurant as is… B) buy the equipment and move it to your location.
It includes tables and chairs, conveyor pizza oven, s/s 3 door freezer, walkin cooler (part of building), 5 fryers, venthood (part of building), dough mixer, dough roller/sheeter, 3 compartment sink, shelving, 4 big screen TVs, POS.


Renato wood pizza oven

I have a new renato 600 wood burning pizza oven. It is brand new. Still in the crate. They never used it because it moved about an inch on the base. It can be easily fixed. I can send pictures. My email is


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