July 19, 2013 |

21 Ways to wear pizza with pride

By Pizza Today

21 Ways to wear pizza with prideHave you noticed all of the pizza swag that people sport these days? From buttons, T-shirts and hats to earrings and cell phone cases, pizza fans are wearing their favorite food with pride.

Buzzfeed has introduced “21 Ways to Wear Pizza with Pride.” The list includes some pretty creative pizza adaptations, like the pizza slice sleeping bag and pizza-embroidered onesie. To see Buzzfeed’s full list, click here.

Pizza Today
Sales Director Stacie Dennison came across these cute pizza hairpins above at a local boutique shop in Southern Indiana.

Throw on a strategically placed logo or catch phrase with your pizzeria’s name and that pizza swag can become a walking advertisement for your business. What kind of pizza-related merchandise do you offer?


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