October 4, 2012 |

Adapting to a New POS System

By Daniel P. Smith

By nature, humans resist change. We’re comfortable with what we know and often rally against new applications and procedures, particularly when it comes to technology’s rapid pace. Operators introducing a new POS system frequently confront an imposing hurdle, namely staff cooperation. Yet, some careful planning can ease the transition and promote teamwork.

• Alert the staff of the impending change and, more importantly, why it’s being done, which includes making their job easier.

• Keep the staff abreast of your decision-making process and provide a calendar of key dates.

• Let the staff see the demos and provide their input so they can contribute to the process; after all, they’ll be using the system most.

• Remind the staff that in learning a new POS system, they’re also gaining a new job skill.

• Be patient and create a non-intimidating environment. Everybody learns at different speeds and mistakes will happen. Remain positive and encouraging.


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