September 12, 2012 |

E Newsletters

By Pizza Today

Keeping Customers Close
By Pizza Today Staff

Newsletters are fun and creative ways to keep your customers informed on new menu items, special offers, events and other news related to your shop. Consider putting together a monthly e-newsletter that you can e-mail to customers who provide you with their e-mail address. Of course, you could print your newsletter on a standard inkjet printer and mail it, but the extra expense is unnecessary in the computer age.
The newsletter will not only keep your guests abreast of the goings on in your pizza parlor, it will also help build a relationship with them and serve as a branding mechanism. While it will require some effort on your part to produce the newsletter and to build an e-mail database to support it, a computer, an e-mail program and some old-fashioned work ethic are the only components it takes to make your e-mailer a success.


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