October 4, 2012 |

Why Create an Employee Handbook?

By Pizza Today

According to YourEmployeeHandbook.com:

  • Employees better understand their rights and responsibilities.
  • A written employee handbook gives everyone the same set of rules to follow and informs employees of such policies without distortion or mistakes.
  • Policies and procedures about legal issues such as harassment, discrimination, payroll practices, and federally guaranteed rights to which employees are included that can help owners protect their business.
  • Gives employees rationale behind policies that might otherwise cause dissension or unhappiness.
  • Provides a method of generating important feedback or suggestions from employees about company policies.
  • Provides updated information about benefits programs available to employees and what steps are necessary to obtain those benefits.
  • Employees with unsatisfactory or undesirable performance can be discharged with less risk when a handbook includes specific causes for dismissal and outlines a consistent disciplinary procedure.
  • Helps to transfer much of the responsibility and burden of complying with government workplace regulations to employees.


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