2014 Pizza Today Menu Guide

2014 Pizza Today Menu GuidePizza Today columnist Tony Gemignani argues in a recent column that trend and tradition can co-exist on a pizzeria menu. We believe that wholeheartedly, because that’s exactly what our readers show us every time we step into their kitchens. This year, we’ve replaced our December Buyer’s Guide with something much more useful: the 2014 Menu Guide. You tell us you want more recipes? Then we deliver MORE recipes!

We have made it easy for you to browse the menu guide by season. Each season is filled with recipes that you can incorporate into your menu, limited-time offers and specials.

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We asked some of the most well-known pizza makers in America and Europe to submit their best recipes. These pizzeria owners have opened their menus to help our readers upgrade their menus. Here are the 2014 Menu Guide contributors:

Jeffrey Freehof
Jeffrey Freehof
The Garlic Clove
Don Petralia Mangia Italiano
Don Petralia
Mangia Italiano
Diana Coutu
Diana Coutu
Diana’s Gourmet Pizzeria
Leo Spizziri Giordano's
Leo Spizziri
Michael Arvblom World Pizza Champions
Michael Arvblom
World Pizza Champions
Mike Bausch Andolini's
Mike Bausch
Peg & Mike Tomasso Tomasso's Pizza
Peg & Mike Tomasso
Tomasso’s Pizza
Tony Gemignani Tony's Napoletana
Tony Gemignani
Tony’s Napoletana
Jacque Farrell of Farrelli's Pizzeria
Jacque Farrell
Farrelli’s Pizzeria
Mark Dym Marco's Coal-Fired
Mark Dym
Marco’s Coal-Fired
Brian Gojdics Tutta Bella
Brian Gojdics
Tutta Bella
Carmelo Lamotta LaMotta's Italian
Carmelo Lamotta
LaMotta’s Italian
Darryl Reginelli Reginelli's Pizzeria
Darryl Reginelli
Reginelli’s Pizzeria
Aldo Musico Aldo's Pizza
Aldo Musico
Aldo’s Pizza
Doug Ferriman Crazy Dough's Pizza
Doug Ferriman
Crazy Dough’s Pizza
Glenn Cybulski Persona Neapolitan
Glenn Cybulski
Persona Neapolitan
Michael Shepherd 600 Downtown
Michael Shepherd
600 Downtown
William Manzo, Jr. Federal Hill Pizza
William Manzo, Jr.
Federal Hill Pizza
George Hadjis Oggi's Pizza & Brewing
George Hadjis
Oggi’s Pizza & Brewing


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