Shawn Randazzo
Detroit Pizza Company

March 22, 2015

Fine-Tune Your Operations for Top Performance

By Shawn Randazzo A customer sits with her husband and another couple at one of your pizzeria’s tables, eagerly anticipating the hot new menu item you’ve been promoting. When their meal arrives, she unwraps her napkin and is horrified to find her fork is dirty. Your customer instantly questions the cleanliness of your pizzeria and,… Read More


March 16, 2015

Breaking the Rules

In the restaurant business there are certain “rules” you’re supposed to follow in order to be successful, but many operators break these rules and see sales and profits rise. Pizza Today takes a look at how operators are breaking five rules and flourishing: • Always set aside money for marketing. When Pizza Patrón opened its… Read More

kitchen crew preparing a dish

March 1, 2015

Building a Leadership Team

It all starts with you   Managing chaos is my favorite phrase I like to use to describe operating a pizzeria — chaos that can challenge the sanity of even the best of us. Our pizzerias take raw materials such as salt, flour, yeast, tomatoes and cheese and create a finished product that we sell… Read More

JJ Niebuhr JJ Dolans Pizzeria Irish Pub Honolulu Hawaii

March 1, 2015

J.J. Dolan’s, Honolulu, Hawaii — Ohana

[SlideDeck2 id=39232] J.J. Dolan’s pizzeria-Irish pub concept is at home in Honolulu’s Chinatown   What do you get when you combine a New York-style pizzeria with an Irish pub in Chinatown in the Hawaiian tropic city of Honolulu? The answer is J.J. Dolan’s with its $2.1 million in gross annual sales. The pizzeria grabbed the… Read More

Pizza Expo 14 demo crowd

March 1, 2015

Pizza Expo 2015: It’s a Go

International Pizza Expo set to be largest in show history Whether you’re attending your first or 15th International Pizza Expo, it’s safe to say the show has come a long way. This year’s Expo is set to be the largest in its 31-year history. The show hosted more than 1,000 vendor booths and attendees from… Read More

the pizza peel kitchen sink pizza

March 1, 2015

Places that Rock: Old Town, The Pizza Peel, Pizzeria 712

Old Town Pizza 150 Sacramento Street Auburn, California 95603 (530) 888-7600 otpizza.net With a third location opening this summer, the greater Sacramento-area pizza company has hit its stride winning the region’s “best of” honors consecutively. No. 80 on Pizza Today’s Hot 100 Independents list, OTP is famous for its mozzarella and garlic stuffed breadsticks (a… Read More

garage pizza, los angeles, california, jalapeno slice

March 1, 2015

LA Pizza Tour: Going Back to Cali

A Whirlwind trip took us to some of Los Angeles’ best pizzerias   Garage Pizza When we landed at LAX we were famished. Thankfully one of our planned stops, Garage Pizza, wasn’t all that far from our hotel. We high-tailed it to this slice dive where hand-tossed, traditional pizza delivery trumps décor and ambiance. Garage… Read More

DC pizza, grand opening, line, free pizza

February 23, 2015

Places that Rock: DC Pizza / Zentropa / Red Tractor

Each month, Pizza Today highlights pizzerias around the country to find out what makes them unique pizza places that rock. DC Pizza [SlideDeck2 id=37727] 1103 19th St. NW Washington, DC 20036 (202) 331-1800 dcpizzaonline.com The new fast-casual pizzeria is independently owned and operated. On opening day in November 2014, DC Pizza gave away 1,183 pies… Read More


February 17, 2015

The Young & the Workplace

Managing teen employees presents unique challenges There’s no argument that teen employees can pose real challenges to pizzeria operators. They’re typically untrained, with little clue about how to behave in the workplace, interact with customers and get along with other employees. True, they may be a blank slate upon which you can write/train how you… Read More

d'Bronx Authentic Deli & Pizzeria

February 9, 2015

Evolution of a Brand

[SlideDeck2 id=37796] d’Bronx brings taste of New York to Kansas City, Missouri When you’ve got a NYC borough in your pizzeria’s title, that carries a good amount of expectation from your customers. Such is the case for Kansas City-based d’Bronx Authentic Deli and Pizzeria. Owner Don Foringer understands the legacy his restaurants carry, especially in… Read More

Pizzeria Operators Provide Real-World Tips

Each month, our editors visit successful pizzeria operators around the country to offer readers real-world success stories. Whether it’s a fast-casual chain in California or a small mom-and-pop in Pennsylvania, every pizzeria offers tips for our readers. Today’s readers know restaurant trends change quickly and staying ahead of the curve will keep operators competitive and modern. Pizza Today is the industry’s top resource for restaurant trends from pizza chains and independents.

Go inside successful pizzerias in America by reading our Pizza Today on the Road features. We tour the pizzeria and go behind the scenes in the kitchens. We sit down one-on-on with operators and key management staff to find out what’s driving their success and where the industry is headed.


Customer Loyalty as Important as Good Food

If you’re running a modern pizzeria, your goal shouldn’t be to get a customer in once. Bringing them back time and time again creates restaurant customer loyalty that is immeasurable. There’s more to a successful pizzeria than just good food. From a creative concept to on-the-spot staff and management, encouraging repeat customers should be a primary goal for any restaurant operator.