November 1, 2015

Destinations: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

A look at pizzerias in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Nomad Pizza Company From its modest beginning as a food truck, Nomad Pizza has exploded into a three-unit operation — two in Philly, and one in Hopewell, New Jersey. A Princeton, New Jersey, spot is scheduled to open in spring 2016. It’s sought-after Neapolitan- and Roman-style pizzas offer… Read More

November 1, 2015

Pizza Today on the Road: Pizzicletta, Flagstaff, AZ

The Artist’s Touch Pizzicletta’s artisan pies good blend for Flagstaff diners [SlideDeck2 id=46169] Once considered a deep outpost, Flagstaff — nestled high in northern Arizona’s mountains — is a vibrant college town with an artsy bent. And that’s all the better for Pizzicletta, whose pizza makers practice their craft each day with true artistry. Nothing… Read More

November 1, 2015

Pizza Today on the Road: Pisa Lisa, Sedona, AZ

Metamorphasis Chef Lisa Dahl on a quest to transform Sedona dining [SlideDeck2 id=46196] Sedona, Arizona, sits amidst a magical mountain backdrop that draws visitors from around the world to see the area’s famous red rocks. Home of some of America’s top hiking, mountain biking and resort destinations, it stands to reason the city would be… Read More

top 100 pizza companies, logo

November 1, 2015

2015 Pizza Today Top 100 Pizza Companies

What’s happening with America’s largest pizza companies? Who added stores in 2015? Who pushed their sales to record highs? Who dropped off a bit? Last month, we published our list of the nation’s 100 most successful independent operations. Now, we present to you our yearly listing of America’s 100 largest pizza chains. Check out who’s… Read More

Hot 100 independent pizzerias list logo

October 19, 2015

2015 Hot 100 Independent Pizzerias

 The Hot 100 Independents Each year, we mail out surveys to independent pizzerias across the nation. Using their responses, we compile our Hot 100 list — a ranking of America’s 100 largest independent pizza operations (based on sales). This issue is eagerly devoured by Pizza Today’s readers and the list you’ll see on pages 50… Read More

October 12, 2015

Pizza Today on the Road: Serious Pie, Seattle, WA

Serious? Pizza crust takes center stage at Seattle’s Serious Pie [SlideDeck2 id=45866] What’s in a name? To some, namely, everything. And that’s clearly the case at the aptly titled Serious Pie in Seattle, where the chefs and bakers under the tutelage of the famed Tom Douglas practice their craft with the goal of perfection in… Read More

October 1, 2015

Eco-friendly Packaging: All Boxed Up

The environment is right for eco-friendly pizza boxes As Gary and Erin Fleming prepared to open Virgil’s Plate in 2012, they scoured vendor’s guides looking for the right pizza box to house their artisan, square-sliced pies. The husband-and-wife team wanted a visual package that would be as distinctive as their pizza, but one that would… Read More

October 1, 2015

Pizza Today on the Road: Via Tribunali, Seattle, WA

Fanning the Flames Jet City’s Via Tribunali shines with flair [SlideDeck2 id=45826] Walk long enough in any one direction in Seattle these days and you’re bound to stumble into a pretty decent pizzeria doing brisk business. The Jet City has come a long way in the past decade in terms of its pizza offerings. And… Read More

October 1, 2015

Destinations: Kansas City, MO

A look at pizzerias in Kansas City, Missouri Providence Pizzeria Co. Opened in 2014 by brothers Luke and Aaron Salvatoret, the suburban Kansas City pizzeria has a well-designed, modern and open restaurant. Its interior highlights a showpiece, imported French brick oven, accompanied by a deck oven. The two ovens give Providence the versatility to offer… Read More

Hot 100 independent pizzerias list logo

October 1, 2015

2015 Hot 100 Independent Pizzerias List

Below is a ranking of America’s largest independent pizza operations (based on sales) in the U.S. Read more on our new No. 1 — Pitfire Artisan Pizza. Go inside the Hot 100 Independent Pizzerias list statistics, visit: 2015 Hot 100 Independents: By the Numbers For more on Pizza Today’s pizza industry lists, visit: Rankings of… Read More

Pizzeria Operators Provide Real-World Tips

Each month, our editors visit successful pizzeria operators around the country to offer readers real-world success stories. Whether it’s a fast-casual chain in California or a small mom-and-pop in Pennsylvania, every pizzeria offers tips for our readers. Today’s readers know restaurant trends change quickly and staying ahead of the curve will keep operators competitive and modern. Pizza Today is the industry’s top resource for restaurant trends from pizza chains and independents.

Go inside successful pizzerias in America by reading our Pizza Today on the Road features. We tour the pizzeria and go behind the scenes in the kitchens. We sit down one-on-on with operators and key management staff to find out what’s driving their success and where the industry is headed.


Customer Loyalty as Important as Good Food

If you’re running a modern pizzeria, your goal shouldn’t be to get a customer in once. Bringing them back time and time again creates restaurant customer loyalty that is immeasurable. There’s more to a successful pizzeria than just good food. From a creative concept to on-the-spot staff and management, encouraging repeat customers should be a primary goal for any restaurant operator.