Blending Cheese

Mix it up with your cheese. The flavor profile of each cheese commonly found in pizzerias can be put together to create unique combinations. Try these combinations (in a 50-50 mix unless otherwise noted):

• Mozzarella and provolone

• Mozzarella and fontina

• Fresh mozzarella and Parmesan

• Mozzarella, fontina, Asiago, Parmesan (basic four-cheese blend, but Romano can be used in place of Parmesan)

• Smoked mozzarella and brick

• Smoked mozzarella and mozzarella

• Cheddar and Monterey Jack (excellent for Mexican or Southwest-style pizzas)

• Cheddar, mozzarella and provolone (also works well for Mexican pizza)

• Gorgonzola and brick (60 percent brick to 40 percent Gorgonzola)

• Muenster and Romano (70 percent Muenster to 30 percent Romano)

• Mozzarella and feta (70 percent mozzarella to 30 percent feta)

One thought on “Blending Cheese

  1. We’ve tried the cheddar/Monteray Jack combo on our “Fiesta” pizza, a south of the border specialty pizza and it really works.
    We also use a mozzarella/Muenster/provolone mix and it really works well. Muenster provides an extra creaminess to the pizza that is missing with the typical mozzarella/provolone mix.
    For us Feta is something we use to top off a pizza when it comes out of the oven. We have a high temp brick oven and feta does not hold up well in those temps.

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