September 6, 2012 |

Calzone Dough

By Tom Lehmann

Dough Uses

Do I need to use a different dough for making my calzones?
Tom Lehmann

No, not really. Most pizza doughs will make a perfectly good calzone.
But, there are some modifications to a pizza dough that will make it an
even better choice for use in making calzones. Increase the fat content
of the dough to the 6 to 8 percent range. Having all, or part, of it as
butter might be even better. For a great calzone dough, add 3 to 5
percent dry whole egg powder, and a couple percent extra water, to the
dough along with the increased fat. This will produce something more
along the lines of a pastry dough, with excellent flavor and browning
characteristics and a pastry-like eating characteristic. I don’t
recommend the addition of fresh or liquid whole eggs due to the
potential for microbial contamination or cross contamination.


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