Dressings: From scratch

Salad, dressing, honey, lemonIt’s summer — peak time for salad sales. Fresh produce is plentiful. Many pizzeria operations are accompanying those wonderful greens with commercial salad dressings. It’s easy and convenient to just order those big-named dressings. But, if you want to hear, “This is the best dressing I’ve ever had!” it’s time to make those dressings in house. Here are some simple dressing ideas to inspire you to make them from scratch:

  • Ranch dressing is easy enough. Odds are that you have everything you need to make a ranch dressing in your shop. Check out this large-quantity ranch dressing recipe.
  • How about a simple Italian dressing? Here’s an Italian dressing recipe that features five accessible ingredients. Want to give it a kick? Add red pepper flakes.
  • This Bleu Cheese dressing recipe has only four ingredients. Add cream cheese and garlic to give Bleu Cheese dressing a little something extra.
  • A great Caesar dressing can quickly become a customer favorite. Give this Caesar dressing recipe a try.
  • A good Balsamic Vinaigrette can be a versatile addition. Here’s a great four-ingredient recipe.

Want to go beyond the norm, use the above dressings as a base and start experimenting to created your own custom dressings.  Or try these out-of-the-ordinary dressings:

What dressings do you make in house?

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