September 20, 2012 |

Hand Toss for Convection Oven

By Jeffrey Freehof

My son just over a small bar/restaurant and really wants to offer hand-tossed pizzas. Can they be cooked in the convection oven?

A: You can bake a decent pizza in a convection oven, but you can’t bake it in a pizza pan. See, in a traditional pizza oven, you have about 85 to 90 percent of the heat coming from the bottom of the deck. That’s why a pizza pan works well. But in a convection oven, you have very even heat all around the oven, so if you tried to bake a pizza in a traditional pizza pan, the pizza would look done from the top, but because you didn’t have enough heat on the bottom of the pie, it would be white and doughy on the bottom.

Solution: Bake you pizza on a pizza screen at between 400 and 425 F, or use par baked pizza dough.


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