June 13, 2013 |

Hand Tossing Dough: Who’s got skills? (Videos)

By Pizza Today

Hand Tossing Dough: Who’s got skills? (Videos)Hand tossing dough is all in the technique or techniques, as pizzaiolos across the country apply their own spin to stretching dough. It’s about artisanship and showcasing pizza makers in front of awestruck customers.








Today, Pagliacci Pizza posted a training video showing its toss style.

Pizza Today has visited World Pizza Champion Tony Gemignani in San Francisco to learn his tossing technique.

Learn mad pizza tossing skills from World Pizza Games Champions like Kazuya Akaogi.

The Testa Family, of Carmine Pizza Factory in Jersey City, New Jersey, proves that you’re never too young to throw dough like a pro. Michael, 9, and Nicholas, 6, have earned Internet fame. Watch Nicholas toss practice dough at International Pizza Expo:

Be sure to check out Pizza Today articles below about hand tossing dough.

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