August 2, 2013 |

Pizzeria worker tests positive for Hepatitis A

By Pizza Today

Pizzeria worker tests positive for Hepatitis AThis is the kind of story that can make anyone feel a bit squeamish. A pizzeria cook in Utah tested positive for Hepatitis A. Customers who visited the restaurant during the hours the employee worked have been asked to notify the local health department.

A local television station interviewed the pizzeria owner, giving him a voice during this health situation. Click here to check out KSL’s news coverage (with VIDEO):

The Utah pizzeria operator said this is a situation that was out of his control, but he has taken steps to aid the health department and prevent future outbreaks. The restaurant has a new policy to that requires employees to be immunized for Hepatitis.

Viruses like Hepatitis A are hard to detect and can cause a major public heath scare. What’s an operator to do when an outbreak originates in their restaurant? Consider the following:

  • Stay calm
  • Lead the charge — Work with health officials to vaccinate affected diners. Being proactive will leave a positive impression with your patrons and the community.
  • Communicate with your customers in person, e-mail, phone and social media to let they know what has happened and what course of action to take.
  • Evaluate if there are procedures your can put in place to prevent such a problem in the future and make it policy.
  • Let your voice be heard — News of a health outbreak will spread fast. Be sure that you are given a voice. Talk to local media about your safety and sanitation procedures. And if you’ve instituted a new policy such as a vaccination program, let your community know.


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