April 1, 2016 |

Pizza Today on the Road: Napizza, San Diego, CA

Pizza Al Taglio When Pizza Today arrived at Napizza’s flagship location in San Diego’s Little Italy in January, the concept shined through with its quaint outdoor seating wrapped around its corner building, its spot-on vibrant branding inside and out, and its eat-with-your eyes slice and salad displays. Little Italy was bustling with mid-afternoon foot traffic… Read More

Scott Wiener Owner & Operator Scott’s Pizza Tours, NYC

April 1, 2016 |

Man on the Street: The Upper Crusts

The first thing I do upon meeting my tour customers is to ask them to define their expectations for New York-style pizza. The responses are all over the place — some anticipate a crust that’s thin and crispy while others are positive it’s going to be thick and tubby. There’s no consensus because New York… Read More


March 14, 2016 |

Pizza Today on the Road: Post Office Pies, Birmingham, Alabama

Signed, Sealed, Delivered Post Office Pies puts its stamp on the Birmingham, Alabama, food scene Birmingham, Alabama native John Hall was drawn to the culinary culture of New York City. Years later, a changing food scene and opportunities to transition to ownership brought the young chef back to his hometown. Collaborating with Brandon Cain and… Read More

pizza slices with different sauces

March 14, 2016 |

A Little Saucy

Non-traditional sauces offer some flavor surprises Perhaps the greatest benefit to owning a pizzeria is the ability to create specialty pizzas that offer your diners something beyond red sauce and pepperoni or sausage. There are a certain number of folks who won’t stray beyond the tried and true, but offering daily or weekly specials with… Read More

pizzeria customer complaints

March 14, 2016 |

Top Five Customer Complaints

Pizzeria operators talk about how to fix common grumbles Customer complaints tend to fall along some general categories. Here are five common complaints, and how operators handle them: • Why don’t you take reservations? Pizza is a casual meal, and people should be able to pop into their neighborhood restaurant without much planning. That is… Read More


March 14, 2016 |

Online Ordering: Web Sales

How do you add online ordering? In today’s world, Mo Jallad knows he cannot ignore online ordering. The owner of Mogio’s Gourmet Pizza, a nine-year-old concept that will grow to six Dallas area locations this year, Jallad says offering customers online ordering –– something boldly highlighted on Mogio’s home page –– positions his eateries to… Read More

dough mixing

March 1, 2016 |

Dough Doctor: Dough mixing made easier

The Dough Doctor breaks down dough mixing procedures I’ve noticed that the dough-making procedures used by many operators seem to be getting more and more detailed, long and drawn out. I like to think that we are just making pizza dough, not rocket fuel, so the procedure should be a bit less complex than what… Read More


March 1, 2016 |

Building a Beer Club: Cheers!

Five rules for building and maintaining a viable beer club Admittedly, Josh Fernands had selfish aims. The executive beverage director at Washington, D.C.-based Pizzeria Paradiso and self-described beer geek longed to connect with other craft beer aficionados in the nation’s capital, excited to share and discuss the rising number of novel brews available in bottles… Read More

COAL’S ARTISAN PIZZA recently opened a second location.

March 1, 2016 |

Branching Out

Pointers and pitfalls when opening a second location Few restaurants last more than a few years, but for those that turn a healthy profit, expansion is a sensible next step. Opening a second location is easier said than done, though. Between hidden costs, new crews and slow openings, unforeseen problems can quickly put a damper… Read More

Magazine Departments Mirror Working Pizzerias

There’s method to our madness. Pizza Today’s departments are designed to take readers from the Front of the House to the Kitchen and Back Office. The Front of the House section covers restaurant customer service, dining room issues and restaurant design and server staffing and management. In our Back Office section, you’ll find information pertaining to taxes, proper ordering and restaurant marketing and restaurant operations. Our In the Kitchen section is filled with ingredient ideas, tips for creating the perfect pizza size, running a pizza slice business and making perfect pastas, appetizers and desserts. Readers will get an inside look at pizzerias across the country as our editors create in-depth articles featuring some of the most successful restaurants in the pizza industry.

Restaurant Management is Key in Every Aspect of a Pizzeria

Managing a restaurant involves more than hiring and firing. Whether you’re designing pizzeria marketing or refining your restaurant’s customer service, management should be involved in every aspect of a pizzeria’s day to day activities. Restaurant staff hiring and retention is a critical aspect of running a pizzeria, and we offer excellent insight on managing people. Readers will also learn how to create a management team, build schedules, refine restaurant operations and run a better business, regardless of the size of a business, from large chains to small independents.