February 13, 2013 |

2009 January: The Meat is On

As one of the basic staples of any Italian menu, a flavorful meat sauce makes the difference between an okay dish and a top seller. That’s why most operators don’t mind the time and effort it takes to make a savory meat sauce or a richer alternative, Bolognese. Many recipes for Bolognese call for very… Read More

February 6, 2013 |

2010 October: Niche Marketing

Pinpointing a focus in the marketplace that will enable a pizzeria to flourish even in a stagnant economy may not be immediately obvious. Sometimes it takes a little time and consideration for a concept to evolve. That was the case for Pizza Patron, a chain with 95 locations in six southwestern states. When it opened… Read More

February 6, 2013 |

2010 November: Mama Mia!

From Messina on the Northeast corner of Sicily to Trapani on the west coast, Sicily has, over many centuries, felt the infl uences of Greek, Roman, and Spanish culture. That minestrone of civilizations has had quite an impact on the cuisine of this fabled island. Often the term cucina povera, or the cooking of the… Read More

February 6, 2013 |

2010 November: Dough Doctor

Q: We are having a problem with our dough growing in the cooler.         A: There are a number of things that can result in the dough “blowing” in the cooler. The first cause could be excessive amounts of yeast in the dough. Most pizza doughs perform best when the yeast level… Read More

February 5, 2013 |

How to Track Your Marketing ROI

“A man who stops advertising to save money is like a man who stops the clock to save time.” This quote is generally attributed to Henry Ford, defending his marketing budget during the Depression. Operators in the midst of the present recession appreciate those words. We realize that we are fighting for our sales and… Read More

February 5, 2013 |

Oversized pizzas can bring in big profits

There’s something to be said for an over-sized pizza: It’s big. How big? The average size for pizza these days is 14 inches in diameter. Anything around 18-inches in diameter or above is generally considered “oversized.” That said, pizza doesn’t always need to be round. When working with an over-sized pizza, consider going rectangular by… Read More

February 4, 2013 |

2010 June: Comfort Food

Stromboli is a sealed, toasted Italian sandwich, usually stuffed with deli meats and cheese. Romano’s Pizzeria & Italian Restaurant in Essington, Pennsylvania, lays claim to the original, where Pete Romano and family continue the stromboli tradition set by his grandfather in the early 1950s. But other operations carry stromboli on their menus, adhering to the… Read More

February 4, 2013 |

2010 July: Such a Ham!

Prosciutto is more than just Italian ham. It’s a delicacy, prized for its melt-in-your-mouth texture and subtle, complex flavor. A little goes a long way, allowing operators to leverage prosciutto’s sense of place, perceived value and flavor profile. Fabricated from the haunches of a pig, lots of love and attention goes into its production: the… Read More

February 4, 2013 |

2010 August: Veritable Veggies

More and more I am seeing a bumper crop of vegetables showing up on restaurant menus –– and I am not talking salads here. From asparagus to zucchini and everything in between (arugula is the hottest green being used as a pizza topping right now), vegetables of every shape and color have become the go-to… Read More

Magazine Departments Mirror Working Pizzerias

There’s method to our madness. Pizza Today’s departments are designed to take readers from the Front of the House to the Kitchen and Back Office. The Front of the House section covers restaurant customer service, dining room issues and restaurant design and server staffing and management. In our Back Office section, you’ll find information pertaining to taxes, proper ordering and restaurant marketing and restaurant operations. Our In the Kitchen section is filled with ingredient ideas, tips for creating the perfect pizza size, running a pizza slice business and making perfect pastas, appetizers and desserts. Readers will get an inside look at pizzerias across the country as our editors create in-depth articles featuring some of the most successful restaurants in the pizza industry.

Restaurant Management is Key in Every Aspect of a Pizzeria

Managing a restaurant involves more than hiring and firing. Whether you’re designing pizzeria marketing or refining your restaurant’s customer service, management should be involved in every aspect of a pizzeria’s day to day activities. Restaurant staff hiring and retention is a critical aspect of running a pizzeria, and we offer excellent insight on managing people. Readers will also learn how to create a management team, build schedules, refine restaurant operations and run a better business, regardless of the size of a business, from large chains to small independents.