Chicken tenders can be menu powerhouses

2010 February: Perenial Powerhouse

Call them chicken tenders, chicken fingers or chicken nuggets — they all sound good to diners. According to Technomic’s Appetizer Consumer Trend report (March 2009), two-thirds of consumers polled say that they order chicken strips “sometimes” or “more often” when they eat out at restaurants. That same report illustrates how operators are responding to thatMore »

2013 January: Cater or Die!

2013 January: Cater or Die!

In the restaurant industry, I truly believe the difference between owning a job and owning a business is catering. The difference between eking out a living and living a great life is catering. Before I sold my interest in my restaurant at the end of 2006, I had built my sales to over three millionMore »

Steak Out

2012 December: Steak Out

My pizzeria’s love affair with steak began over eight years ago when restaurant consultant Big Dave Ostrander convinced me to put steak on my menu. Of the 53 toppings I offer, it’s a standout. In fact, in the past 10 months, steak has been responsible for the sale of 1,043 large single steak topping pizzas,More »

Il Pizzaiolo: Pi-zzeria

2012 December: IL Pizzaiolo: Pi-zzeria

Drive up the Virginia beach coast, and just about every block is peppered with at least one pizzeria, full-service restaurant, bar and shake shack. That’s a lot of white noise to wade through, but Pi-zzeria, with sales at $1.2 million annually, seems to have found its voice. The full-service pizzeria launched in 2003 is partMore »