February 28, 2013 |

Did You Know / Places that Rock

Places that Rock Rocket Pizza Lounge 122 W. 4th St. Los Angeles, California 90013 (213) 687-4992 This eclectic pizza place sits in the heart of downtown Los Angeles’ Old Bank District. Lined with comfortable booths, a rotating craft beer menu and variety of Happy Hour specials, Rocket is a hotspot for the after-work crowd…. Read More

Photo by Josh Keown

February 28, 2013 |

Clean Sweep

Customers are restaurants’ biggest allies and their harshest critics. They are not shy about expressing their joy, concern or displeasure with an eating establishment. The wilting plant in the corner, the dust on the ceiling fan or the empty paper towel bins in the bathroom are details easily overlooked by operators and staff. But customers… Read More

Photo by Josh Keown

February 28, 2013 |

A Well Oiled Machine: Opening Procedures

The hours before opening — while sometimes hectic — are the few times in a busy pizzeria’s day when customers are not continually walking in and the phone is not ringing like crazy. It’s the perfect opportunity to lead the day in a positive and profitable direction. Paul Gainor, owner of Pizza Zone with two… Read More

February 26, 2013 |

2009 April: Pig Out

Bacon is back. In the past few months I have come across no fewer than seven food articles in which bacon played either a main role or a supporting role in various dishes. Talk about pigging out. Did you know that there was a “Bacon of the Month Club?” Now you do. And have you… Read More

February 26, 2013 |

2009 April: Heat it Up

Jalapeños bring heat to pizza while keeping the flavor profile of the pie firmly rooted in the Western Hemisphere. That still leaves an open ethnic range to play in — from Mexican to the broader Latin and from Southwest to Cajun. Although chipotles (dried and smoked jalapeños) may be hogging most of the media limelight,… Read More

February 25, 2013 |

2009 March: Spinach Special

Love it or hate it, spinach has the potential to be a big hit on your menu and can be utilized in appetizers, pizza, pasta and entrées. I have loved spinach since I was a kid. In sixth grade, at recess, when most kids went across the street with their pocket full of change to… Read More

February 24, 2013 |

2009 February: Going for a Dip

Pizzerias across America have traditionally offered very few creative appetizers on their menus, preferring instead to focus on the pizza itself. In an effort to boost revenues and remain competitive, however, operators say that by offering more appetizers, utilizing ingredients they have on hand, they are able to offer variety without sacrifi cing food cost…. Read More

February 24, 2013 |

2009 February: Fried and True

The appetizer section of menus has taken a beating in the many Chicago restaurants I visit every day in my role as chief restaurant critic for the Chicago Sun- Times. I see customers moving away from expensive appetizers (and, believe me, the price of apps have gone through the roof) and moving directly to an… Read More

February 24, 2013 |

Buffets can bring in big business when done right

When CiCi’s Pizza Buffet opened its doors 27 years ago, the concept of an array of pizzas offered all at once and not custom-built seemed novel and a bit risky. “It was not something that was normally done,” says CiCi’s President Craig Moore. Now, however, pizza buffets have become commonplace across the country and while… Read More

February 13, 2013 |

2009 January: The Meat is On

As one of the basic staples of any Italian menu, a flavorful meat sauce makes the difference between an okay dish and a top seller. That’s why most operators don’t mind the time and effort it takes to make a savory meat sauce or a richer alternative, Bolognese. Many recipes for Bolognese call for very… Read More

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Restaurant Management is Key in Every Aspect of a Pizzeria

Managing a restaurant involves more than hiring and firing. Whether you’re designing pizzeria marketing or refining your restaurant’s customer service, management should be involved in every aspect of a pizzeria’s day to day activities. Restaurant staff hiring and retention is a critical aspect of running a pizzeria, and we offer excellent insight on managing people. Readers will also learn how to create a management team, build schedules, refine restaurant operations and run a better business, regardless of the size of a business, from large chains to small independents.