Employee Management

Expert Advice and Opinions Have Fun By Jeremy White, Editor in Chief For one reason or another, I quite often find myself in a local mall, bored to tears, while my wife just has to “pick up one thing really quickly.” Normally, I pass the time people watching. It’s quite entertaining, really, spying as aMore »

Create Consistency

We all strive for consistency. In sports, you’ll hear players and coaches say all they ask from officials is that they be consistent. The word choice is interesting. They don’t demand accuracy, they demand consistency. In baseball, for example, managers often don’t care if a pitch on the outside corner is called a ball insteadMore »

Sunday Closures

Sunday sales have been fluctuating recently and tapering off. I’m thinking of closing Sundays for a while and may revisit opening back up at a later date. Does that sound reasonable? I think businesses that keep changing their hours are just shooting themselves in the foot. Once you close on any given day, your customers and theMore »