If there were an Italian dessert hall of fame, cannoli would surely be in it (along with tiramisu, gelato and ricotta cheesecake). The word “cannoli” is as recognizable and understood as the word “pizza.” It has to do with the broad appeal of the product. Everyone, from kids to senior citizens, loves cannoli. Cannoli’s (theMore »

Fontina Asiago

Fontina and Asiago are two important Italian cheeses, and both are fortunate enough to carry a dual citizenship. Born in Italy –– fontina in the Piedmont, Asiago in the Veneto –– they have been successfully replicated in the United States by skillful cheesemakers in Calfornia and Wisconsin. In Italy, fontina and Asiago are made usingMore »

2012 September: New SpeedLine 6.4 Release unveils the new face of Pizza Point of Sale

LYNDEN, WA, September 24, 2012 — SpeedLine POS version 6.4, released today by SpeedLine Solutions, Inc., introduces a new, modern interface design and a range of new tools to increase restaurant sales and efficiency. Inspired by the simplicity and modern design of the best mobile apps, this latest release of the popular pizza and deliveryMore »