Ricotta and Ricotta Salata

This month, The Cheese Whiz is addressing two important cheeses –– ricotta and ricotta salata. Though similar in name, these two cheeses are like night and day. Let me explain. In this country, ricotta is made from whole or partially skimmed cow’s milk. Italian ricotta is made from sheep’s-milk whey. Similarly, ricotta salata (ree-COH-tah sah-LAH-tah)More »

2012 September: New SpeedLine 6.4 Release unveils the new face of Pizza Point of Sale

LYNDEN, WA, September 24, 2012 — SpeedLine POS version 6.4, released today by SpeedLine Solutions, Inc., introduces a new, modern interface design and a range of new tools to increase restaurant sales and efficiency. Inspired by the simplicity and modern design of the best mobile apps, this latest release of the popular pizza and deliveryMore »

2012 September: Reginelli’s Pizzeria picked as one of the Best Pizzas in America 2012

Right now the cover photo on FoxNews.com/Lifestyle features a photo of a Reginelli’s pizza and accompanies the article “Best Pizzas in America 2012”. It is the only pizza from New Orleans listed, and one of only five in the entire South. A best pizza list? Yes, the Daily Meal compiled a list of the 35More »


Giardiniera (jahr-dee-N’YEHR-ah) is one of those situations where even if you stumble through the pronunciation, it still comes out sounding really good, as in appetizing. Here’s another way you can master all those consonants wrapped in vowels. Just say “jar-dee-nearer” and it will be close enough. The giardiniera family can be quite interesting. If itMore »