The Top Five Independent Pizzerias are…

The Top Five Independent Pizzerias are…Who stands out as the nation’s top independent pizzerias? Pizza Today presents a list of America’s leading independent pizzerias. The following pizzerias are among the top five:

1. Buddy’s Pizza — Detroit, MI
This pizzeria started the Detroit-style — thick, square, sauce on top — pizza craze in 1946. Buddy’s has generated $20 million in annual sales from nine locations. The Motor City has even declared a Buddy’s Pizza Day.

2. Marion’s Piazza — Dayton, OH
With its eight piazza-themed locations, Marion’s grossed more than $16 million in annual sales. Marion’s first location opened in 1965 and has been consistently voted Dayton’s best pizza in local media surveys.

3. Frankie, Johnnie & Luigi, Too! — Sunnyvale, CA
The San Francisco Bay area pizza company has earned $12.5 million in annual sales from its five locations. The D’Ambrosio family opened the first store in 1958. Co-owner John D’Ambrosio is a World Pizza Champion, garnering international acclaim for the pizzeria.

4. Glass Nickel Pizza Co. — Madison, WI
Glass Nickel’s eight units have generated $13 million in annual sales. The company, which began in 1997, has an environmental friendly philosophy, from its LED lighting to its alternative fuel delivery vehicles.

5. The Original Giuseppi’s Pizza and Pasta — Hilton Head Island, SC
Giuseppi’s six locations have become fixtures as neighborhood places. The pizza company has generated $12.8 million in annual sales.

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Mark your calendar for the October 2013 release of Pizza Today’s newest Hot 100 Independent pizzerias list. See which independents are the movers and shakers in the pizza industry.