The Top Five Pizza Companies are…

The Top Five Pizza Companies are…Who’s on top in the pizza industry? Each year, Pizza Today presents a list of America’s largest pizza chains. The following pizza companies stand out in the elite top five:

1. Pizza Hut — Plano, TX

The leader produces $13.4 billion in annual sales with more than 15,605 stores in 90 countries. Pizza Hut first opened in a small building in Wichita, Kansas in 1958.

2. Domino’s Pizza — Ann Arbor, MI

Domino’s has experience climbing success in recent years, retooling its pizza recipe. The chain generates $8.9 billion in annual sales with nearly 11,629 locations worldwide.

3. Little Caesars — Detroit, MI

With its first store opening in 1959, the carryout chain has grown to 4,059 stores in all 50 states and $3.4 billion in annual sales.

4. Papa John’s — Louisville, KY

With more than 4,700 locations in all 50 states and in 34 countries, Papa John’s has reached $3.32 billion in annual sales. John Schnatter opened his first store in 1984.

5. Papa Murphy’s International — Vancouver, WA

Papa Murphy’s has expanded to 1,425 locations in the U.S., Canada and United Arab Emirates. The “take-n-bake” pizza chain produces more than $785 million in annual sales.

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Mark your calendar for the November 2016 release of Pizza Today’s newest Top 100 Pizza Companies list. See which companies are the movers and shakers in the pizza industry.

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  2. Not really the venue for a complaint like this…also, who would take such a poorly written complaint seriously? It is barely intelligible.

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