The Top Five Pizza Companies are…

The Top Five Pizza Companies are…Who’s on top in the pizza industry? Each year, Pizza Today presents a list of America’s largest pizza chains. The following pizza companies stand out in the elite top five:

1. Pizza Hut — Plano, TX

The leader produces $13.4 billion in annual sales with more than 15,605 stores in 90 countries. Pizza Hut first opened in a small building in Wichita, Kansas in 1958.

2. Domino’s Pizza — Ann Arbor, MI

Domino’s has experience climbing success in recent years, retooling its pizza recipe. The chain generates $8.9 billion in annual sales with nearly 11,629 locations worldwide.

3. Little Caesars — Detroit, MI

With its first store opening in 1959, the carryout chain has grown to 4,059 stores in all 50 states and $3.4 billion in annual sales.

4. Papa John’s — Louisville, KY

With more than 4,700 locations in all 50 states and in 34 countries, Papa John’s has reached $3.32 billion in annual sales. John Schnatter opened his first store in 1984.

5. Papa Murphy’s International — Vancouver, WA

Papa Murphy’s has expanded to 1,425 locations in the U.S., Canada and United Arab Emirates. The “take-n-bake” pizza chain produces more than $785 million in annual sales.

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21 thoughts on “The Top Five Pizza Companies are…

  1. Pizza hut in struthers. Every time I order something on my pizza or cheese on my saled i can’t get it. Or always sending the wrong or. I order all the time from this pizza place that can’t satisfied there customers just piss ask for a saled could not get cheese on tgat i will pay the extra!!!! Done with this place

  2. Not really the venue for a complaint like this…also, who would take such a poorly written complaint seriously? It is barely intelligible.

  3. I love Round Table Pizza but the closest one is about 15 miles away. The closest Dominoes and Pizza Hut are both just 3 blocks away. Guess where my business goes?

  4. ChuckECheese is 9? Lol Theyre pizza is horrible, theyre not making that money of that. They make it off screaming kids wanting to play games and crap. Def skews the numbers and says this isnt a list by best taste, just who brings in revenue. The top 4, yeah look at the numbers. They gotta have 10x the amount of stores. All of their pizzas suck.

  5. Corrections of ones spelling is not a legitimate comeback so come up with a proper comeback or nothing at all. That being said I believe Pizza Hut is the best after giving it a fair chance. I use to love Domino’s but once I wet my fiancée she turned me on to a lot of new things and I feel Pizza Hut is best. I do absolutely LOVE papa johns garlic butter sauce that I grew to love while being stationed in San Antonio ?

  6. Literacy is a dying skill, it seems. Or most people have always been illiterate morons, and it just took the Internet to make it obvious.

    Pizza Hut is the best though. Their drizzle and crust topping options put them over the top. Also, their crushed tomato sauce is amazing, much better than regular marinara.

  7. Of the chain stores I like Pizza Hut the best. Their best attribute is being consistent – Pizza Hut in Orlando is the same as Pizza Hut in say Providence in taste and quality. Though my favorite pizza is usually found in a local mom & pop shop (if you’re on the east coast). I haven’t seen or tried Papa Murphy or Round Table. In the mid-west many places cut pizza in what they call square cut… I’m gonna say it once and for all: a round pizza must be pie cut because it’s a… pizza pie! Pick up a slice it will feel better and taste better.

  8. I forgot, Pizza Hut used load up their pepperoni, what happened? Crap economy I guess that never came back and probably never will, thank you forever sucky Washington and Wall Street! Oh and I was willing to try Papa Johns again but after the stupid bowl debacle I think not. Retire Pizza Man(ning)!

  9. Papa johns I believe has the best crust and pizza is great, big fan. Since Domino’s started their $5.99 special I tried them out and have been hooked. They have done something very good and tasty with their crust and have to say haven’t ordered Papa Johns in about a year. Can’t beat the new flavor and $5.99 menu.

  10. Terry, read the article, it’s not about the best pizza, it actually States in black n white who are the largest pizza chains. Has nothing to do with who makes the best pizza, cause obviously a mediocre pizza sells enough to make these company’s roll in the dough, up to 15 billion annual sales.

  11. All pizzas are good it’s pizza makers that suck toppings and sauce determines the cooking time and don’t buy at opening time doughs cold you’ll get a flat pizza

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