2012 November: Pizza Factory Inc. franchise changes ownership

Pizza Factory Inc., a 110 unit franchise headquartered in California recently sold to long-time franchisee, Ms. Mary Jane Riva.

Riva brings over 22 years of restaurant experience to the 33 year old “We Toss’em, They’re Awesome” Pizza Factory franchise. She currently owns and operates two Pizza Factories in southern California.

As the new President and CEO of the company, Riva said, “When the former owners Danny Wheeler and Ron Willey approached me with this opportunity, I felt I could bring my business experience as a Pizza Factory restaurant owner to the company and relate on an individual basis to each of our franchisees.”

Riva continued “I do not want to waiver from the original concept of Pizza Factory, i.e., family oriented restaurants, quality food, hand-tossed pizza. I want to bring more awareness of the franchise to the public, bring encouragement and stability for our franchisees and grow the company.”

A franchise-wide meeting was recently held in Sacramento to announce the change in ownership and inform the franchisees of Ms. Riva’s plans and changes in the future for the company.

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