2012 November: Quality By Liones LLC Announces A New Product for Pizza Shops – The SpeedKnife® Pizza Cutter.

The NEW and Innovative SpeedKnife® offers 5 great features that will increase pizza shop profits and decrease strain on the users wrist and shoulder.

Downingtown PA. September 15, 2012 – Quality By Liones LLC offers a New pizza cutter that is the best invention to come along in the pizza industry in decades. After years of using the single wheel pizza cutter, the founder of Quality By Liones LLC was determined to improve the single wheel pizza cutter. The SpeedKnife® is the result of 10 years of research and development that will be a great addition to all pizza shops. The SpeedKnife® is made of the best materials available that have long lasting durability.
Faster, Easier, and Safer– Cut pizza in half the time. The unique two wheel design only requires user to move their hand half the distance of the cut. The revolutionary design keeps all cuts straight and fast. There is no chance for dangerous curving to the left or right. The SpeedKnife® steers itself straight every time.
The ergonomic design is intended to maximize productivity by reducing user fatigue and discomfort. The single wheel pizza cutter design is hard on the wrist and shoulder which causes fatigue after hours of use. The SpeedKnife® keeps the users hand and arm in the proper position that results in reduced stress and allows maximum cutting power by simply pushing down and gliding across the pizza.

The ease of cleaning the SpeedKnife® is light years ahead of the standard one wheel pizza cutter. Simply use a coin to turn the fastener and the blades and ball bearings are easily removed for cleaning. No more wrenches and screwdrivers. The fastener and ball bearings are inserted in a dishwasher basket and easily cleaned.

After 40 years of operating some of the busiest pizza shops on the east coast the founder set out to improve the single wheel pizza cutter. In his 10 year quest to create the new Speedknife® he developed what we call “the racecar” of pizza cutters. The owner currently operates one of the busiest pizza shops in the greater Philadelphia area and is constantly striving to create and deliver better quality products to the pizza industry.

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