2012 October: Hojiblanca Extra Virgin Olive Oil Products Now Available at all Kings Food Markets

DUMONT, NJ. (October 2, 2012)–New Jersey-based Hojiblanca USA, Inc. (www.hojiblancausa.com), the American subsidiary of Grupo Hojiblanca Spain, is proud to announce that its Premium Low Acidity Extra Virgin Olive Oil will now be available at all Kings Food Markets beginning this weekend. To mark the occasion, Hojiblanca will be showcasing its products in all 25 stores Saturday, October 6, and Sunday, October 7, from 11am-5pm. Hojiblanca and Kings invite customers to stop by for a free sample and taste the flavors of green and ripe olives, with hints of other ripe fruits. One taste will transport you right back to Spain.

“We are thrilled to now offer Hojiblanca extra virgin olive oil and provide our shoppers the opportunity to bring the flavors of Spain to their own kitchens,” said Vince Colatriano, vice president, Grocery, Dairy and Frozen Foods, Kings Food Markets. “Kings has a long tradition of seeking out rare finds on behalf of our customers. We are constantly looking for the best tastes and highest quality ingredients, and Hojiblanca extra virgin olive oil is the perfect addition to our offerings, as it delivers on both.”

Many times consumers will only buy extra virgin olive oil for special occasions because of the high price tag. However, one will be able to find the 17 ounce Hojiblanca extra virgin olive oil bottle for just $7.69 at all Kings Food Markets, which is affordable enough to be an everyday product. And from October through December it will only be $5.99. It’s also healthy enough, as studies suggest, to help combat breast cancer, which is especially important to know now since this month is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

“We are proud to have our products at all Kings Food Markets, which happens to also be our own neighborhood store. Our philosophy is very similar to Kings Food Markets. We also support local farmers since we are ‘the farmer’ who has complete control over the growing, pressing, and packing of all extra virgin olive oil products. Our products come directly from our farms to the consumer’s table,” said Enrique Escudero, CEO of Hojiblanca USA, Inc.

About Hojiblanca USA, Inc.: Hojiblanca USA, Inc. is the American subsidiary of Grupo Hojiblanca, a group of coops headquartered in Spain. It’s one of the largest producer of extra virgin olive oil and table olives in the world. Hojiblanca USA, Inc. is located in Dumont, NJ where it’s an importer, distributor, and marketing company offering a wide variety of products for retail and food service.

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About Kings Food Markets:
For more than 75 years, Kings Food Markets has provided North and Central New Jersey, Long Island, New York, and most recently, Old Greenwich, Connecticut, with the highest quality foods paired with unique shopping experiences. Kings is based in Parsippany, NJ, with 25 stores serving the region. For more information, visit www.kingsfoodmarkets.com. Shoppers can also find Kings on Facebook (www.facebook.com/kingsfoodmarkets) and Twitter (www.twitter.com/kingsfoodmkts).

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